Adam Carpet
Hardcore Problem Solver



Release Date
June 9 2017


1. Hector Mann
2. Miss Prudenzia Young
3. Hardcore Problem Solver
4. Rock is Dead, Mambo is not


« Hardcore problem solver » is even more projected towards electro music than ParabolasI believe that the sound of the band has reached a turning point; the next album will be for sure something really different, even if it’s difficult to define now towards which direction. Today we find ourselves in a very electronic mood. We liked to experiment with some vocals with « Parabolas » and we decided to continue towards that direction. The album, composed by four tracks, is half instrumental and its the natural and ideal sequel of the path started with « Parabolas » says drummer Diego Galeri.

« Hector Mann » is the first track of the EP. The first of the two with vocals. The short lyrics are inspired by « The Book of Illusions » by Paul Auster. I am fascinated by the idea of a famous man who decides to change identity and finds himself dead on newspapers and television. In some kind of way is like seeing what are the remainings of a life….I believe it’s an important value of music and arts in general: the remains that survive one person’s death.

« Miss Prudenzia Young »
I can’t help but thinking of a middleaged woman who walks on the sidewalk of a very congested city, wearing a modern suit but with a classic touch, very english and classy. She’s happy and proud, but sometimes she stumbles losing her balance for a second but she never falls down. For a glimpse, you could see on her face a mixture of disappointment and terror, and then all returns quite. I had to give her a name.. Miss Prudenzia Young seemed legit to me.

« Hardcore Problem Solver »
We are in a society where everything can be bought on web; HPS is a character that works for free, thanks to the passion for his job. He reaches his clients every night with his bicycle singing grotesquely « I’m running for free ». His job is to help people with problems linked to extremes sexual practices. And their psychological consequences. The track is a noir tale with a strong humour touch.

« Rock Is Dead, Mambo Is Not »
How many times I heard « Rock is dead ». We live in an historical moment in which rock music is no longer close to people. Too many stereotypes, so many bands surviving thanks to old hits. Only a few evolved. We miss an iconic band as Nirvana during 90’s. We need somebody that breaks the rules, something that leaves the mark, that influences the new generations. Anyway, the title is an ironic way to remind that maybe rock has reached retirement age, but some genres such as Mambo won’t never get old.

Adam Carpet are:
Diego Galeri
Alessandro Deidda
Giovanni Calella
Silvia Ottanà