Black Fluo
Like Lovers in the Dark



Pulver Und Asche

Release Date
June 2 2017


A1. Ho sentito le tue mani
A2. Like lovers in the dark
A3. Red star

B1. Lips
B2. Distance
B3. Alchemia
B4. West ghost

Bonus track (Digital Download Only):
Ex Valentine Remix



Conceived as the continuation of the first album (Billion Sands – P&A 2014), Like lovers in the dark is the second work of Swiss quartett Black Fluo. It picks up the pained dialectic of the mother-woman / birth-desolation and evolves into the labyrinthic dangers of seduction where the act of perversion begins its maturation into a slow and annoying sense of guilt.

It is a long journey which can be interpreted with small and continuously rare intervals of an obscure vision that reveals places where lovers consume their passion, somewhere at the end of the night, drunk and unscrupulous, pained and melancholic. Like Lovers in the Dark has been a slow approach, a forced walk with open wide eyes inside the nightly landscape and meager torches of love.

Black Fluo emerges from a centre of intersecting lines, the middle point of flowing destinies each on a one way journey. Fluorescent darkness is the primal texture from which this fourtet from Chiasso, composed by Alan Alpenfelt, Mario Pegoraro, Francesco Giudici and Alfio Mazzei, construct their resonances and melodies.
Black Fluo observes from the monolithic tower the slow inevitable end of things, a world of potsherds to which they play its beauty.
The last sparks of a supernova.
The end.

Length: 54’18’’

7 tracks (+ bonus track only on digital download)

Recorded by Andrea Cajelli in April 2016 at La Sauna, Varese (I).
Mixed by Andrea Cajelli and Black Fluo in April 2016 at La Sauna, Varese (I).

Mastering: Luca Xelius Martegani, August 2016.

Alan Alpenfelt – voice, keyboard
Mario Pegoraro – bass
Alfio Mazzei – electronic percussions, effects, synth
Francesco Giudici – backing vocals, guitar, vibraphone

All words written by Alan Alpenfelt

Words on “Ho sentito le tue mani” written by Andrea Spinelli

All tracks composed by Black Fluo

Remix Ex Valentine by El Toxyque