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Tatum Rush Guru Child Nadj EP Niagara Hyperocean Lumen Lab They are Killing Us Holy Esque At Hope’s Ravine Teresa Mascianà I need you Now William Wilson Whispers : A Scar is Born The Scrap Dealers After a Thousand Blows vonneumann Sitcom Koan Ed Tullett Fiancé Kill Your Boyfriend The King is Dead Climat Iccopoc Papillon The John-Pauls Self Titled Niagara Don’t Take it personally – Remixes Motherfucker Confetti Dumbsaint Panorama in Ten Pieces Other Houses Bad Reputation Janek Schaefer World News Aucan Stelle Fisse The K. Burning Pattern Etiquette The Twilight Sad òran mór session Shopping Why Choose Double Françoise Les French Chanteuses Alex Gavaghan Binman of Love Midas Fall The Menagerie Inside Zulus II 100% Chevalier EP EE Stearica Fertile Patton C Filiamotsa Like It Is The Slackers Better Late than Never The Shape Lonely Crowd Africa Unite Il Punto di partenza Philippe Petit Multicoloured Shadows Padna Alku Toinen The Artificial Harbor Self Titled Solkiry Sad Boys Club Tangled Thoughts of Leaving Yield to Despair Niagara Else what Else? JJ Perrey & David Chazam ELA The Junction Hardcore Summer Hits James Irwin Unreal L’Objet Toucan Picastro You Ed Wood Jr LOST.DRIVE.WATER.EXIT Prettiest Eyes Looks Showstar Self Titled Emmanuel Mailly RodeoRanger Lourdes Rebels Snuff Safari Hypercolor Self Titled Deison & Mingle Weak Life Gil Hockman Dolorous Anthony Cedric Vuagniaux Le Clan des Guimauves The Scribblers Self Titled We Are Not Afraid Holes Strikkly Vikkly Vol. I Gerda Your Sister Inutili Unforgettable Lost and Unreleased KK Null CRYPTOZOON X Quadrupède T O G O B A N TheUse What’s The Use? Deerhoof La Isla Bonita C’mon Tigre Self Titled Gwenno Y DYDD OLAF sleepmakeswaves love of cartography Surgical Beat Bros Self Titled Toehider What kind of Creature am I? The Delegators All Aboard The Assyrians Tundra Anubis Hitchhiking to Byzantium The Jumpin’ Quails Atomic Rendez-Vous Neil Holyoak Rags Across the Sun Niagara Don’t Take it Personally Psalm Zero The Drain C’mon Tigre Federation tunisienne de football Nothing for Breakfast Self Titled Sole & DJ Pain Death Drive 65daysofstatic The Fall of Math Persian Rabbit Self Titled SAL Achtung Banditi! Black Fluo Billion Sands Stumbleine feat Violet Skies Dissolver sleepmakeswaves in today already walks tomorrow Sixthminor W I R E F R A M E Deison & Mingle Everything Collapsed Trophy Scars Holy Vacants Inutili Music to watch the clouds on a sunny day Camilla Sparksss For You the Wild connect_icut small town by the sea Peter Piek Cut Out the Dying Stuff THOT The City that Disappears The Tablets Self Titled Vin Blanc/White Wine In Every way but One Foxhound In Primavera Barzin To Live Alone… Gletscher Devout Secret Colours Peach Stumbleine Chasing Honeybees Three Lakes War Tales Acquaintances Self Titled Nebelung Palingenesis Rich Bennett DiBenedetto Twomonkeys Psychobabe Afformance The Place Blevin Blectum Emblem Album Connect_icut Crows & Kittiwakes Israel Martinez/KK Null Terra Incognita Kyle Space Animals Midas Fall Fluorescent Lights The Wows War on Wall Street There Will Be Blood Without Setting Sun Be Here When… Los Hacheros Pilon Orval Carlos Sibelius Super Forma Reveille Broken Machines Niton Self Titled Camilla Sparksss Europe She Owl Self Titled Kafka L’Architecte The Ferries Mass. Grave Tarana The Laden Soul… Ventura Ananasses Hypo & EDH Xin The Lonesome Southern The Big Hunt Percevalmusic Recueil Du Mal Land Lines Self Titled The Letter Yellow Walking Down the Streets M+A These Days Murcof & Philippe Petit First Chapter sleepmakeswaves  … and so we destroyed… Live Footage Doyers Marvin  Barry Andrea Gabriele Biografia di te  Camilla Sparksss  Precious People Marcus Fjellström Epilogue M White III XiuXiu & Eugene Robinson Sal Mineo Israel Martinez The Minutes Midas Fall Wilderness Papier Tigre 7″ Ventura Ultima Necat Child Bite Vision Crimes Edible Woman Nation Filiamotsa Sentier des Roches Joan & the Sailors Home Storm Micah Gaugh Trio The Blue Fairy Mermaid Princess Powerdove Do You Burn? Aedi Ha Ta Ka Pa Camilla Sparksss I’ll Teach You how to Hunt Father Murphy Remix Series Niagara Otto Roquentin Self Titled The Bengsons Hundred Days The Mohawk Lodge Damaged Goods Mutiny on the Bounty Trials Shana Falana In The Light Alexis Gideon Video Musics 3 Greenthief Retribution Seddy Mellory Fake as… The Somnambulist Sophia Verloren Three Second Kiss Tastyville Deison Quiet Rooms Electric Electric Discipline The Junction Let Me Out Philippe Petit Chapter 3 Shijo X … If a Night Stumbleine Spiderwebbed Keiki Popcorn from… Transmontane Staring Back at You Iori’s Eyes Double Soul J. Allen Wonder City Mombu Zombi Andrea Van Cleef Sundog Zulus Self Titled Buildings Melt Cry Sleep The Crooked Fiddle Band Overgrown Tales Father Murphy Anyway, Your Children… Philippe Petit Chapter 2 M+A Remixes.Yes Extra Life Dream Seeds Pink Holidays Twenty Eight Minutes Shelley Short Then Came the After Bee and Flower Suspension Joy as a Toy Dead as Dodo Kovlo Hey Mom… Yeti Lane The Echo Show Live Footage Plays Jay Dee Nedry In a Dim Light O Emperor Hither Thither Tomat 01-06 June Midas Fall As Our Blood… Philippe Petit Chapter 1 Suzanne Silver Deadband Swilson Demonology Jowjo 7 » Uniform Motion One Frame per Sec. Zoft Electrically Haunted Ed Wood Jr Silence M+A Things.Yes Peter Kernel White Death Black Heart Polinski Labyrhinths Teletextile Glass Fops For Centuries Jumpin’ Quails Bishops in the Tea Shops Reigns The Widow Blades Paramount Styles Heaven’s Alright Peter Kernel 7 » WW Lowman Kumquat May Honey For Petzi General Thoughts… Maybeshewill I was Here… Miranda Growing Heads… Oxes EP’s Tim Holehouse Grit Big’n Spare the Horses Jester at Work Lo-fi, Back to Tape The Cesarians EP Francesca Lago Siberian Dream Map K-Branding Alliance This Will Destroy You Tunnel Blanket Montreal on Fire Anima Mundi Aucan Black Rainbow Gablé Cute Horse Cut Big’n Dying Breed Papaye La Chaleur Bear Claw Refuse this Gift Self Evident Endings Alain Weber Hoover Cover Shipping News One Less Heartless… Mice Parade What it Means… Rachel Grimes Book of Leaves Grails Black Tar Prophecies Nadine Khouri A Song to the City Eamon Mc Grath 13 songs of Whiskey… The Conformists Three Hundred Aucan DNA EP Extra Life Made Flesh Picastro Become Secret Nedry Condor Him ん Brian Harnetty Silent City Balmorhea All is Wild… Bellini The Precious Prize… The Bitter Tears Jam Tarts in the… Railcars Cathedral with no… Saxon Shore It Doesn’t Matter Jenniferever Spring Tides Papier Tigre The Beginning… Passe Montagne Oh my Satan Hey!Tonal Self Titled That Fucking Tank Tanknology Maps & Atlases Tour Promotion Gastr Del Sol 7 » QUI Tour Promotion Sleeping People Growing The Drift Memory Drawings Get the People Self Titled Frog Eyes Tears of the… Okay Low Road L’Ocelle Mare Self Titled