Self Titled



Noja Recordings

Release Date
March 22 2019


1. A Patched Love
2. I Am A Wonderful Mechanism
3. It Rains On My Soul
4. I Will Walk The Red Carpet
5. The Stone Is Radiant
6. Electric Silence
7. Plug
8. The Night Of The Living Dead
9. I Don’t Really Have To Wake Up
10. My Heart Beats Calmly
11. End


Daydream is a rock trio from south east Sicily, leaded by Enzo Pepi, former member of Twig infection, The Pepiband and guitarist for a couple of albums of the singer/songwriter Carmelo Amenta. Daydream self titled debut album will be release on March 22, 2019 via Noja Recordings.

« Sometimes you have to choose the path that doesn’t take you anywhere / Climb the mountain even knowing that you can’t reach the summit / You can’t ask me not to watch the moon just because I can’t have it… I’m a wonderful defective mechanism / I’m only human… I’ll become a star / I’ll sign autographs / I will walk the red carpet… I ride this dream and watch the world from an incredible altitude / Here the world doesn’t touch me… I’m light. / My gaze is indifferent, my heart beats calmly / Only my flying… I open my eyes, it’s nice to know that I don’t really have to wake up / I lay my head on the pillow / You know, this is my moment of glory… My daydream »

Music and lyrics by Enzo Pepi.
Recorded live at Arsonica, Siracusa (February 2018)
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Carlo Barbagallo for Noja Recordings.

Daydreamers (musicians):
Enzo Pepi – Guitars, Voices
Dalila Mammana – Bass Guitar
Stefania Papa – Drums

Art Direction – Elaine Carmen Bonsangue [E<->CB]
Photos – Misa Huang Cong Hui
Management – Noja Recordings

Daydreamers (models):
Andrea Marazzi, Deborah Zuanazzi, Cristiana Timofei