Gigantic Waves,
I'm Not Here



It’s Just Great
Release Date Digital
March 3 2017
Release Date Physical
April 1 2017


Side A
1. Tut’s Lazy Burial
2. Kyara
3. Drifting I
4. Factory Reset
5. Drifting II

Side B
1. Gigantic Waves
2. Drifting III
3. Space Cases
4. Second Wind
5. Drifting IV



About the artist
Equators is the moniker for solo artist Trevor Hacker. The project started as an outlet to explore otherworldly sounds in 2009 while Trevor was playing in the psych rock group Sunbeam Rd. in San Francisco. The earliest incarnation of Equators were a series of totally improvised abstract performances in gallery spaces around San Francisco. Recordings were made shortly thereafter capturing loops and improvisations in a practice studio on a Tascam field recorder. This continual process was a period of experimentation and documentation. In 2011 Equators debut record Dream Signals came out in a self released edition of 40 hand numbered CD-Rs. The record was the first attempt to merge these sonic explorations with more structured song forms. Since Dream Signals, Trevor continued work in Sunbeam Rd. releasing their debut LP Breathers (which received local and international attention) and their follow up EP Time Perception.

About the release
Shortly following, work began on the sophomore LP Gigantic Waves, I’m Not Here which was heavily influenced by travels in Guatemala, Japan, Mexico, Montréal, Myanmar, and Thailand. The LP was primarily recorded in San Francisco and Los Angeles, although field recordings and snippets of sound were recorded in various locations. Use of instruments found abroad also propelled the sound of the record and helped define the palette. An electric charango and percussion instruments from Guatemala and a vintage Teisco electric guitar and amplifier found in Tokyo were used throughout the LP. These experiences had such an emotional impact psychologically that the lyrical content was formed almost instinctually.

About the label
It’s Just Great is an independent record label and publisher for music and art enthusiasts that operate outside the banal. Despite the status quo, we are strong believers in the physical album as a format and are committed to curating thought-provoking content by forward-reaching artists.

Our publication series explores bodies of music through a thematic lens. Whether it’s explicit or implicit, each issue unifies a unique combination of music from different artists into a distinct theme. An issue consists of a found LP paired with a zine and a limited edition piece by a chosen visual artist to evoke the theme at hand.