Facteur Cheval
Adieu l'organique



Humpty Dumpty Records

Release Date
June 16 2017


1. Boucle
2. Les mains
3. Câble
4. (…)
5. Comme Robocop
6. Adieu l’Organique



A hybrid body, Facteur Cheval is composed of singer and lyricist Carl Roosens (Carl et les Hommes-boîtes), drummer Damien Magnette (Zoft, Wild Classical Music Ensemble, Why The Eye?), guitarist Nicolas Gitto (Zoft, Why The Eye?) and keyboardist Christophe Rault (Tanakan).

Expect hearty rock bumps, determined skids with kicky and funky outbreaks. Let yourself into a musical palace of primitive art with a removable roof, elucubrated in six years with improvisation as a liaison. A disc-house whose materials have fingers, and teeth…

Adieu l’organique” only needs six astounding rounds to knock us out, starting with a scrap between a nitwit and a bird (“Boucle”), soon followed by the math-rock spurts of “Les mains”, creatures separate from the body, with scalping nails and words. We become tied up by “Les Câbles” and, faster than we can say “Cowabanga!” here we are, turned upside down in the mud, absorbed by a sneaky and contagious psychedelic ditty. We then come to grips with an epic man-machine face-to-face, the authentic fight against the final boss. Like resisting the appeal of the machines, their way of striking, shrieking and “comme Robocop”, the finishing blow?

With “Adieu l’organique”, Facteur Cheval makes us renounce our poor earthly body. Ultimately, could there not be but a small step from transhumanism to trance? A pact, signed in blood and sweat, to eventually being able to dance, freed from all shackles?

So… Time to wriggle now!