Feu Robertson
Sticky Situations
with Troubles



Partycul System
Release Date
November 4 2016


1. Young Wooly Rhinoceros
2. Sunrise Burning
3. True Valentine
4. Jungle Life
5. Low Future
6. Dark Blue
7. On The Boundary
8. Ballad Of Loli
9. Haunting Old Joys


Feu Robertson leaves in its wake an arty, savage and romantic universe. A rock from rainy nights and backyards. Decomposed, dulled, branded and dipped in contemporary art. A rock of dissidents, insurgents, in the humility and the arrogance of genuine dandyism. A rock like a detox from sadness, from a residence surrounded by electrified barbed wires. A rock from a dark, sick and dangerous no man’s-land, between fury and restraint.

« Sticky Situations with Troubles » is a languid and rough music with a delicacy of writing and lo-fi production – all without fuss. This second studio album is a quintessence of slow and psychedelic rock. The long and labyrinthine tracks are like puzzles and several ‘sequence-shots’ are a Feu Robertson trademark, as in so many short films where electric thunderstorms come sometimes to blow up and to shake the decor.
You might imagine Songs Ohia recording with Elliott Smith and Gris Gris.

Among the present plastic and literary references in this album, the track « On the Boundary » proposes a response to the Orson Wells motion picture « Evil’s touch » ; whereas « Ballad of Loli » resounds as a resurgence of the novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov.

The sound of the band, as its influences, is divided between the American indie, the Germanic kraut and the English noise. The album spreads through the heart-rending and shiny sound from guitars, between bends, distorted sounds, dissonances and clear sound of rhythmic guitar.

Everything appears and disappears, in small and simple acts, in natural arrangements supplying the very different pieces with a complex architecture like an episodic novel. Minimalism works for hypnotism here.

Lyrics and music are by Charlemagne Ganashine, creating a kaleidoscope of sentences, like a surrealist patchwork. This music is a loud path towards an improbable tropical ice floe where we would eventually lose our landmarks.

Losing oneself with this intoxicating flavor of a faded party also found in Movietone‘s music. These melodies evoke a distant curse or a forgotten dance… maybe. A music from bright depression, butterflies of the dark, magic of simple days. These vast repetitive laments, these sinuous loops and petrified breaks often finish in a tired chorus and graceful traps (with a shape of motionless flight), but yet so cinematic.

By means of hooted words and melodic night flights, slowly and unconsciously, these pieces tell of a quest of redemption after a burning love.

And what remains is only a strange itchy impression on the skin?

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