All the World is Green



UR Records

Release Date Italy
December 21 2018
Release Date rest of the world
February 15 2019


1. Kiss me
2. Rain dogs
3. Flowers grave
4. Take it with me
5. Anywhere I lay my head
6. Trampled rose
7. All the world is green
8. Little trip to heaven
9. Just the right bullets


An unusual duo, from the antipodes: a female voice and an electric bass, a game of opposites between natural acoustics and electronic synthesis. Soft lines and sharp corners intertwine inside songs with a traditional form interrupted by unpredictable improvisations.

With this album, this particular duo Fluct contends with a monographic work – a rewriting and reinterpretation project about the repertoire by the emblematic and gifted American singer-songwriter Tom Waits. The two musicians move freely through the vastness of Waits’s work, sometimes revealing it as a perfect synthesis of the American tradition, sometimes showing its character of spurious source of devious textures that ironically range from lunar to lunatic, from brutal to poetic.

Elena Tavernini: voice, synth, sansula, melodica, effects
Giacomo Papetti: bass guitar, effects, kalimba

Elena Tavernini (born in 1983) is a singer that explores jazz, pop and experimental music. She is the voice of Fluct – with Giacomo Papetti – and Ånde – with Walter Beltrami, a project dedicated to original works of which she is the author and composer.
She can boast several collaborations with musicians, among whom Paolo Bacchetta, Emanuele Maniscalco, Roberto Bordiga, Nelide Bandello, Ermes Pirlo, Simone Guiducci, Oscar Del Barba and Valerio Abeni. She has collaborated as a vocalist with renowned recording studios in Milan and has taken part in TV programmes by Mediaset broadcasting company as a background vocalist.

Giacomo Papetti (Brescia, 1984) is an electric and string bass player and a composer working in the fields of contemporary jazz, alternative pop-rock, improvised and experimental music. He has collaborated with some among the most famous Italian musicians, playing in concerts throughout Italy and abroad and has recorded more than 20 albums – in 7 of which he is also a composer). He is the leader of the trio Small Choices (inspired by the synergy connecting improvisation, composition and reinterpretation of songs belonging to the 20th-century academic music) and of the quintet Oltaploc (that develops an eclectic language between European jazz and progressive rock). He is also co-leader of different bands, all dedicated to original music, among which Three Branches (with Achille Succi and Francesco Saiu),Dimidiam (with Massimiliano Milesi), and Ant Mill. Besides the numerous collaborations in the rock context (Giovanni Ferrario, Paolo Cattaneo and others), in the jazz world he is appreciated as an instrumentalist and is a member of bands like G. Falzone Mosche Elettriche, G. Falzone Contemporary Orchestra, P. Bacchetta Egon’s, O. Del Barba OX Trio, Molester sMiles, Mondongo, G. Boggio Ferraris Quartet, A. Peli/R. Soggetti Upbit Motion, Fluct, and many more.