Holy Esque



Self Released

Release Date Digital
June 8 2018
Release Date Vinyl
September 2018


1. Image of Man
2. I am the Truth
3. House of Hounds
4. Give me your Stillness
5. Belly Full of Dread
6. Modern Tones
7. He, Spectral Electra
8. Anxiety
9. To the Cage you Go
10. Filth or Passion
11. Television/Sweet



Glaswegian post-punk outfit Holy Esque announce their new album ‘Television/Sweet’, due for release on June 8th, 2018. The follow up to 2016’s ‘At Hope’s Ravine’, which DIY described as ‘a staggering debut’, their latest offering explores the darker, cathartic corners of their sound – a backdrop to vocalist Pat Hynes primal musings as he delves into the human experience in the Digital Age.

A deep and socially conscience response to the changing ways of the world we live in, ‘Television/Sweet’ harbors feelings of disconnect in a reality of hyper-connectivity, it’s industrial textures simultaneously pushing and pulling the listener into a false sense of realism and acceptance. From the harsh electronics of lead single ‘I Am The Truth’ to the somber lament of ‘Give Me Your Stillness’, the album conveys an inimitable scope that sees the band fully realise the potential they have hinted at since their early demos.

Speaking of upcoming single ‘I Am The Truth’, Hynes explains: “In an age of relentless social pressure, ‘I Am The Truth’ explores the fear of true acceptance and the extreme measures we entertain to achieve this imaginary nightmare.”

Produced by Joshua (Jon SchumannMew, Kashmir), the album is the band’s most expansive work to date – it’s cold industrialism softened by it’s analog body and drifting soundscapes as the album draws to its close. Corrosive, industrial, essential – ‘Television/Sweet’ is a signifier of the greatness that surely lies ahead for this ambitious Glasgow collective.

About the band
Holy Esque
formed in Glasgow in 2011. Frontman Hynes and keyboardist Keir Reid both grew up in post-war Lanarkshire new town East Kilbride, a place most usually known for its brutalist architecture and the birthplace of The Jesus and Mary Chain. Keyboardist Reid and drummer Ralph McClure met at the famed Glasgow School of Art (alumni include members of Franz Ferdinand, Peter Capaldi and generations of Scotland’s most eminent poets, writers and painters) and Hugo McGinley joined on guitar.

After a string of incredibly well received EP’s and their critically acclaimed debut album ‘At Hope’s Ravine’, Holy Esque toured extensively across the globe, appearing on KEXP and at SXSW (4 years in a row) as well as receiving praise from the likes of Consequence Of Sound, DIY, TheLine Of Best Fit and Rolling Stone. More importantly, they now have a burgeoning fanbase, not confined to the borders of their homeland.