Carlo Barbagallo



Noja Recordings

Release Date
February 15 2019


1. Study #3: Wie Ein Naturlaut
2. Study #4: Untitled
3. Study #2: Isolation Absence Denial
4. Study #1: My Richness Is…
5. Study #2: I.A.D (gtr: Dario Serra)
6. Study #2: I.A.D (gtr: Francesco Accardi)
7. Study #2: I.A.D (gtr: Mauro Felice)
8. Study #1: …Your Failure (v.1)
9. Study #2: I.A.D (gtr: Edoardo Vogrig)
10. Study #2: I.A.D (gtr: Luca Morino)
11. Study #2: I.A.D (gtr: Valerio Vittoria)
12. Study #1: …Your Failure (v.2)
13. Study #2: I.A.D (gtr: Tom De Testa)
14. Study #2: I.A.D (gtr: Kevin Thompson)
15. Study #2: I.A.D (gtr: Virgile Abela)
16. Study #1: …Your Failure (v.3)


Sicilian musician and sound engineer Carlo Barbagallo has been producing his own music since his youth. A portion of his work is available on the web through his own Noja Recordings. He is currently a member of the rock quartet Suzanne’Silver (USA), experimental free improvisation trio LBB (Canada) and the electroacoustic collective CoMET (IT).

After his kaleidoscopic song-based work ‘9’ (2017) he started a new course to his label Noja Recordings since mid 2018, scheduling releases he contribute to produce (in charge as a musician/arranger and/or as a recording/mixing engineer) following the ‘without genre boundaries’ marker that follows his entire career.

Carlo Barbagallo is a prolific electroacoustic composer too. Since 2012 his compositional research focused around many topics: multi-channel acousmatic music, acoustic and electro- nic feedback, equipment and residual noise, dynamic environments for mixed music improvisation performances, improvisation and ‘programming-by-ear’ as composition techniques, algorithmic tools for transformational processes on texts which generates music scores and sounds, the aesthetic of “incomplete” musical forms, collective based composition, experimental integration between theatre and electroacoustic music.

His new release ‘iAmInTiLt,BoB!’ collects four studies for electric guitar and live electronics Barbagallo composed between the end of 2015 and the first months of 2016.

iAmInTiLt,BoB!’ will be released in CD and Digital formats on February 15, 2019.