In And Out Of Time



Self Released

Release Date
April 5 2019


1. Hold On
2. Seven Days
3. Interference
4. Hummer
5. Do It Again
6. Drift, Pt.2
7. Away From The Streetlights
8. Helsinki100
9. Makebeliever
10. One Last Time


Ideomotor are back with their highly awaited debut album “In And Out Of Time”. Their original blend of electro and indie has already won praise from hard to please media outlets such as Clash Music, Earmilk and The Line Of Best Fit.

In And Out Of Time” catches the group’s essence in mixing a variety of influences into stellar songwriting that has drawn comparisons to M83, The Killers and even Pet Shop Boys.

The album takes Ideomotor deep into the 90’s end of the pool of influences. Also rightly showcasing the groups affectionate relationship with music from the era, but recreating it in a way that would not have been possible in the day. “In And Out Of Time” is a trip that comfortably goes around indie pop to electro and casually flirts with trip hop only to return to their melodic brand of electronic indie incorporating big melodies and choruses. The album has been written and recorded throughout 2017 and 2018 with Sami Baldauf looking after production duties. It will be released on April 5 2019.

We ended up writing a bunch of pop songs on guitars only to completely rip them to bits in the studio. With good songs you can take them in any direction you want we figured. Reworking was the big theme, that of course blew the budget and the deadline, but also ended up giving a lot of artistic freedom from the guitar heavy demo’s we started out with. We worked with a great team with very different backgrounds and hope this resulted in an eclectic album people will find pleasure in.”