Josy & the Pony
vs The Poneymen
Hippodrone Club



Rockerill Records
Freaksville Music
Release Date (Physical)
February 14 2017
Release Date (Digital)
March 17 2017


1. Louis Sttalllone 007
2. Ânesse Topless
3. H!!! Hue H!!! Han
4. La Party
5. Horses & Whores
6. No Sonos Ponettas
7. Let’s Beer? OK Pony (feat. Barako Bahamas)
8. Mexican Hippic Sauce (Vegan Version)
9. La Belle Ponasse
10. Xtra Smooth / Liquid de Poulain


Hippodrone Club is the first collaborative album by artists Josy & The Pony and The Poneymen.
It’s gonna be released on February 14 (physical) and March 17 (Digital) on Rockerill Records/Freaksville Music.

About the release and Josy & the Pony
releases its first album « Hippodrone Club » just one year after being awarded by the competition « Du F. Dans le Texte« .
The combo, yet under the spotlight at the Humo Rock Rally and Franc’off events, moves forward by breaking the codes where you expect them least.

JOSY & THE PONY, this is just as if Messer Chups or Man-Or-A- stro-Man? discover the young Brigitte Bardot and Jacqueline Taïeb plastered in a garbage can, or as if the B-52’s decide to do an internship in exhaust pipe audio recording in the Smurfs’ country, accompanied by the ghosts of Serge Gainsbourg, the Shadows and La Femme (What? Is La Femme dead now? )

About the release and The Poneymen
Since 2013, THE PONEYMEN enlarged the musical collaborations: after a first 7″ single featuring Juliette W (famous pop singer, known under a different name), an EP with the anarcho-daft-noise-andalucian troublemakers of MOKRONOG/CONSTITUTION ANALE and the shoegazers Parallel Odyssey/Next Exit To Nowhere, their latest opus was a cover version of Eddy Tornado (et les Scandaleux)’s famous hit, featuring himself.

For this first album, THE PONEYMEN hooks up once again with Josette Ponette, to become JOSY & THE PONY. Included is a duet with the hotheaded Barako Bahamas (Spaguetta Orghasmmond). Maxime Wathieu and Jacopo Andreani (L’enfance Rouge, OvO, Le Singe Blanc…) recorded and mixed the album between Liège and Florence.

Separetely or together, JOSY & THE PONY vs THE PONEYMEN performed around a hundred concerts in Belgium, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland…