Joy As A Toy
Mourning Mountains



Humpty Dumpty Records

Release Date
June 16 2017


1. Action Love
2. Ghost Train
3. Cowboy Mode
4. Misbehave
5. Madhouse
6. Hipsters of the Apocalypse
7. Satisfaction Key
8. Google a Gun



With this third album, partly recorded in Hoboken by Pascal Deweze (ex-Metal Molly, producer of Bed Rugs and The Germans i.a.) and partly in Brussels by Pierre Valfrey and Gil Mortio, the Brussels-based band transforms its righteous and virtuoso music playground into something more melodic, accessible to all curious ears.

Here’s a kaleidoscopic record which, while letting some anxieties traverse its tracks, transcends them in the colourful manner of Mexico’s Day of the Dead and allows itself the most exhilarating contrasts. Sensual and contagious bass (‘Ghost Train‘), teasing or heavenly choirs (‘Cowboy Mode‘, ‘Madhouse‘ or ‘Hipsters of the Apocalypse‘ with Françoise Vidick) are an integral part of this dreamlike journey in the heart of imaginary tropics. No need to fasten your seatbelt: takeoff is immediate!

Eight shimmering tracks that jubilantly and harmoniously profess the playfulness of a quartet whose apparent casualness is the exquisite icing on top of a precise, refined and mastered pop architecture.

Jean-Philippe De Gheest (drummer, who works with Mark Lanegan), Clement Nourry (guitars), Alice Perret (keyboards) and Gil Mortio (bassist and singer) have proven themselves in the jazz universe, where improvisation and freedom of expression prevail.

Their two albums recorded as a three-piece published by Cheap Satanism Records (‘Valparaiso‘ in 2010 and ‘Dead As A Dodo‘ in 2012, with Pierre Vervloesem playing bass and a repertoire loosely inspired by horror-movie soundtracks) have opened the doors to ears that equally cherish David Byrne’s (Talking Heads) haunted punk/- dance, Deerhoof’s rebellious irreverence or Stereolab’s dazzling palette.

Inspired by fantasy films and galvanized by exotic melodies, Joy as a Toy’s music revamps rock n’ roll with a preference for adventure and alternative routes. Favouring travels without a compass, the Brussels-based band ignores every pitfall, relying on its instincts: tempo awareness and an exact science of groove.