La Jovenc



SonicaBotanica / Atmosphere Records
Release Date
October 20 2017
EU except Italy

TRACKLISTING + Track by Track

1. capir due
transposition of ode

2. senfl
one epic and surreal march

3. Heaven’s grace
a song of slaves of the modern era in an industrial landscape

4. Dndhall
one mass that becomes techno, break beat

5. redfrd tre
a game of mirrors

6. tavrnr
a Renaissance ballad for synth

7. alfn
nursery rhyme for machines

8. encn uno
a digital “call to arms”

9. lmlin
transposition of liturgical song

10. palst quattro
bucolic landscape

11. redfrd uno
reflections in peace times

12. redfrd due
medioeval wunderkammer

13. palst tre


About the release:

The work consists in the transcript of midi scores of Renaissance music (Da Palestrina, De Pres, Ockeghem, Taverner, Encina, Lemlin etc) through a process that, if it were painting, it would be silk-screen printing alike, kind of Warhol. After having worked with samples of classical music in precedents works, Giovanni Dal Monte (La Jovenc) here lets the machines « rewrite » the scores in real time. In fact the reproduction is only entrusted to synthesizers.

Assigning the scores to the synths they rewrite in unusual and effective way the Renaissance harmonies in something new, and interchangeable endlessly, maintaining and transforming the emotional charge. And a new aesthetics is expressed from the ancient scores. Sometimes the old ballads appear to be minimal songs, the ancient mass becomes a mathematical algorithm, or landscapes of wars, of peace, and history speaks to us in a dreamlike and transcendent language. Important in this work is the theoretical and practical organization of the tracks.

The artist has intervened playing the instruments but he has also tried to leave the machines to produce the result putting himself in the position of observer / listener (as far as possible). Then he has retouched what the « halftone-screen » (the score) foresaw.

Besides, the process is repeatable in endless different forms, just as it happens for the press, and the intention is that who want to ask the scores can transform them then, according to their preferences.

The only track that doesn’t follow this logic is « Heaven’s grace », recorded years ago, the only track sung in this work.

About the Artist:

Giovanni Dal Monte (La Jovenc) has composed original scores for classic silent movies (« Nosferatu » by Murnau, « Lulu, die buchse der `Pandora » by Pabst) and soundtracks for the television and the film industry (for instance, his music is performed in four films (Otto or Up with dead people, LA Zombie , Offing Jack and Obscenity) by cult director Bruce LaBruce, in soundtracks together with such musicians as Cocorosie and Antony and the Johnsons.

He has created compositions for exhibitions in museums and art galleries in Italy and abroad, short films, the theatre and dance companies. Under the name of La Jovenc, Giovanni Dal Monte has his music distributed by small labels in Europe.

Among the international artists Barry Adamson, who together with Angelo Badalamenti has composed many soundtracks for David Lynch’s films, has defined his music « superb » and John Zorn has written he really appreciates La Jovenc’s music, Nicolette, singer from Massive Attack, who had produced few songs by La Jovenc, wrote « your music is fab« .

The wish to get rid of the stereotypes typical of electronic music (usually considered a means, not a goal) has led La Jovenc to the re-elaboration into contemporary patterns of the essence of jazz, the classical repertoire, Sicilian folksongs, the rhythms of Gnawa music from Morocco… In a few words, any kind of music he feels attracted to.

At the same time, he has explored the glitch trends of today’s electronic music, by making sampled birds and insects sing for example, thus creating original tango or boogie rhythms; or even by making the human body “play”, for instance by recording its physiological sounds according to polirhythmic patterns, with humour and inventiveness.

Giovanni Dal Monte was awarded the Avantgarde Italian Prize in 2006 and the Ixem Prize in 2007. He has played at the IxMae Festival in San Francisco, Arspolis in Switzerland, Angelica in Italy and the Storung Festival in Barcelona, together with artists like Murcof, Scanner, Kangding Ray etc.

– As Giovanni Dal Monte he has released “Sulla Natura Delle Cose” ( 2002), “Birds Make Love With Electric Ladybugs” ( 2004) , « Reforming the substance » (2013) and “Visible music for unheard visions” (2015).

– As La Jovenc he has released “Lo-Fi Apocrypha” ( 2003), “The Opposite Of Orange” ( 2005), “Superanima” (2008) and « Perverse or polymorphous » (2011).