Le Faux Ensemble
Double Bind




Release Date
February 9 2018


1. Apex’s Hapax
2. Double Bind
3. Heartless
4. End Credits


Double Bind is a set of compositions for two cellos, a piano, a clarinet and live sampling. It refers to a psychoanalytical concept describing how someone receives two mutually contradicting statements. Put in the light of the act of musical composition, it hints at the tension that arises between the desires to simultaneously imitate one’s mentors and to single oneself out from them.

This album explores unusual territories, between pop and minimalist music, repetitive patterns and acoustic drones, noisy distortions and melodies; it resonates with evocations of Steve Reich, My Bloody Valentine and Michael Nyman.

Both limpid and labyrinthine, Double Bind draws in the listeners with formal structures, in order to better lose them once the hypnosis of the repetition has set in. Its purpose is to suggest some sort of ambiguous weightlessness through a conceptual and immersive writing.

Recorded by Lucas Pizzini at the Logelloù studio, Double Bind is performed by Benjamin Jarry and Suzanne Fischer (cellos), Sandy Ralambondrainy (piano) and Clara Bodet (clarinet).

Le Faux Ensemble is a quartet set up by the cellist and composer Benjamin Jarry, based in Nantes (France), and entirely dedicated to performing the compositions of the Double Bind album.

These compositions are a natural follow-up of Benjamin Jarry‘s first solo opus, which blended cello and sampling (Splendid Isolation, DSD Records, 2012).

Benjamin Jarry established his musical career playing the bass guitar in post-rock bands (Moesgaard, Puanteur Crack) and started learning the cello at 22. He then moved on to study the baroque cello and musical composition in Nantes in 2010. Since then, he has been continuously mixing these various influences into his music.

Benjamin Jarry collaborates with artists and bands such as Matt Elliot, Mermonte, Marc Morvan or the Ensemble Minisym.
In parallel, he is involved in a whole range of cross-artistic propositions: improvisation with the performance artist Carole Douillard, or graphic score interpretations with Apo 33. He also creates concert film performances and collaborates with contemporary theatre companies (Rictus, Möbius-Band): all these collaborations shape his rapport to music in a more visual and narrative approach.