Little Tornados



Rio Bogotá/Shellshock
Release Date
March 9 2018
USA, + EU (except CH, UK, DE)


1. Venture
2. URSA Major
3. Chérie la Mouche
4. Fire
5. Finally
6. Water Song/Water Song
7. I Disappear
8. Pleasure, Treasure Airline
9. Texas
10. Diamantes del Sol



Little Tornados is the European psychedelic country project of David Thayer, featuring bass lines and backing vocals of Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab), drumming by Emmanuel Mario (Holden, Astrobal), John Herndon (Tortoise), Hans Hansen, bass by Amin Khatir, guitar by Joel Raif, and some vocal work by Caroline Sallee (Caroline Says), Giorgio Tuma and others.

The second album, Apocalypse! uses instrumentation such as tube synthesizers and discarded home organs found on the streets and thrift stores of Switzerland.

David has written and arranged on the last two Sadier albums, has worked on some of her videos and co-wrote the songs Dry Fruit and Quantum Soup. He has also worked on videos for Holden, Swiss/Peruvian artist Susana Perrotet, Astrobal (Emmanuel Mario’s project), and has also done vocal and keyboard arrangements on the upcoming project by Nina Savery entitled “Next Level Soap Opera”.

David started making music in 1989 in his home town of San Jose, California – recording and arranging found-sounds onto cassette and sending them to his favorite station, college radio KFJC, where he would stay up late waiting for his sounds to be played. Often they were. After moving to San Francisco in 1994, he began throwing bi-weekly events at the Bahia Cabana club on Market Street, opening the space to the local techno scene who brought the likes of Carl Craig, Juan Atkins, Niel Landstrumm, Mark Broom, Dave Klark and Atari Teenage Riot to San Francisco for the first time. Aside from this cultural navigation, he organized his own experimental events there where the likes of Mr. C (Shamen), Dubtribe, Space Time Continuum, B.A.S.S Kru (San Francisco) performed.

After moving to Zurich in 1999, David began making electronic music under the name Xeno Volcano, playing squats in Switzerland and Germany, returning to the US four times to tour the experimental and noise circuit.

In 2002 David was involved in the squatting and event-making of the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich along with artists Mark Divo, dada pastor Leumund Kult (Jan Theiler), Ingo Giezendanner, Knarf Rellom, Lennie Lee and Mickry 3, playing and helping organize regular trash dada-rituals with his then-girlfriend, who performed with him as Elektra Sturmschnell. The squatting resulted in the Cabaret Voltaire remaining open as such (rather than as trendy lofts and a drug store).

In 2002 David took over the Sue Ellen Bar in Zurich from his then roommate, Knarf Rellom, and did the club till 2004, giving a home to local electronic and noise experimentalists while booking touring bands as headliners.

David has also made the documentaries Bigfoot a Beast on the Run, Die Verbotene Sprache, and Documental Rio Bogota, and has a project in Colombia called Iniciativa, who’s purpose is to recuperate the horribly contaminated Bogota River. He works as a videographer in Switzerland.