• Micah Gaugh


Micah Gaugh
The Blue Fairy Mermaid Princess

Label : Africantape
Release Date : March 4 2013
Formats : CD/LP/Digital
Territory : Europe


The Micah Gaugh Trio is Micah Gaugh on vocals, piano, saxophone, Kevin Shea on drums, and Daniel Bodwell on contrabass.
The trio performs classical music compisitions written by Micah Gaugh. The improvisation is built around the song structures. The songs reflect the worldwide adventures of Micah Gaugh and are mostly love songs of desire and reflection.
The trio plays music through telepathic connections and have a dynamic range that is sometimes subtle and coy to raging and piercing.

Their music has been heard on Storm and Stress albums (Touch & Go)...


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1. You and Me and Me
2. Molly
3. Girl
4. Oh When My Lady Comes
5. Fly
6. Crystall Ball
7. Hunger
8. Cat Club Tree House
9. El Mar Rojo
10. Cigarette
11. Pretty Kitty
12. Mood Vertigo

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