Monsieur Voltaire
My God Is You



Noja Recordings

Release Date
January 25 2019


1. The Sailor
2. Gravity
3. Days
4. My God Is You
5. Kill Me
6. 24
7. Believe Me
8. Mirror Haze
9. Lucy
10. Please



Monsieur Voltaire is the solo pseudonym of Marcello Rossi, italian musician active since 1997 with different bands and monikers (Nativist, Greyscale, Najra, Los Dragos, Golden Shower, Bongley Dead, Vittorio Rossi) in which he has ranged from metal core to noise rock, from garage rock blues to pop songwriting.

As Monsieur Voltaire, his first album ‘33‘ was released in 2013 by White Birch Records and Noja Recordings with the production of Carlo Barbagallo. An album full of references to the world of the anglo-american singer-songwriters (such as Nick Drake, Bert Jansch, Arthur Lee, Syd Barrett) with shades of psychedelia, grunge, country-rock and field recordings.

Monsieur Voltaire returns now with a new album titled ‘My God Is You‘ once again with the production by Noja.
If ‘33‘ was the result of a long evolution of Rossi’s songs and the arrangements of Barbagallo in which the two worked exchanging files back and forth from the comfort of their respective home studios (then finished at the historic Blue Record Studio of Mondovì, Cuneo), the making of ‘My God Is You‘ has seen the two joined by the precious collaboration of Manuel Volpe (Rhabdomantic Orchestra) on bass and Francesco Alloa (La Moncada, Goat Man Records, Roncea & The Money Tree, Airportmen) on drums.

In November 2016, within a few days, at the Rubedo Recordings Studio in Turin, the four arranged and recorded live the entire album written by Marcello, then to be completed in March 2017 by Barbagallo on the slopes of Mount Etna.

The band infuse immediacy to the songs of Monsieur Voltaire, adding to his rare writing ‘beyond time’ echoes of Karate, Lennon, Paul Weller, twelve Byrds strings, Stones riffs, ZZ Top blues rock sprinkled by Kravitz like funk vibes, Dylanian delirium, soul sensuality, post-grunge psychedelic desert, road movie suggestions, and more and more…