Music for Eleven Instruments
At the Moonshine Park with an Imaginary Orchestra



Dead Pop Opera

On Tour
From September 21 to October 13. Crossing Italy, France, Belgium, Germany & Switzerland.



1. Conspiracy over my head
2. Tunnel vision
3. Ghost dogs
4. Sorrow of some white birds turned black
5. Good morning imagination
6. When the light waits behind the darkness
7. Lost boats
8. Fragile butterfly wings
9. Little spiteful thoughts



Music for Eleven Instruments is an indie pop project with an orchestral feel, the brainchild of sicilian musician, composer and producer Salvatore Sultano, from Gela (CL).

The album, recorded in Catania and the surrounding area in collaboration with his friend Fabio Trombetta, is the faithful portrayal of the concept of the Eleven Instruments: an elegant melding of string and brass quartets with a powerful electronic backing which gives rise to evocative sounds and melodies marked by rousing percussive rhythms. At the same time it creates a sunny and humble atmosphere that never strays from its surreal pop nuances.

At The Moonshine Park With An Imaginary Orchestra” is a story of shadows and artificial lights, a history of unborn creatures and enchanted carousels, a story of six-legged dogs that breathe fire and of a warden, in the form of fish-bird, in search of a bridge suspended in the air. This is the story of Moonshine Park, the universe which hides reason and that creates fantastic illusions and false hopes.

At The Moonshine Park With An Imaginary Orchestra” was recorded jumping from house to house, from room to room, from a brass quartet in Belpasso to a grand piano in a rented house, from recording the drums and percussion in the studio to the rooms which reverberate with the string quartet.

It is music with a strong orchestral approach which elegantly combines brass and strings, electronics and catchy rhythms, evocative melodies that glide between the phrasing of the piano, the sweet shrill notes of the glockenspiel, springtime sounds which are interwoven with more shadowy atmospheres.

Moonshine Park is the place where Music For Eleven Instruments is reborn and rebuilt, where they matured their pop opus and theorchestra’s name take origin, as if to indicate the point where it islocated; the refuge in which they invite their thoughts to take shape and to paint the canvas on which the orchestra will play.


Sept 21 | Vallo della Lucania – IT | Koi Bistrot
Sept 22 | Perugia – IT | Kandinsky
Sept 26 | Troyes – FR | The Message
Sept 27 | Metz – FR | La Chaouée
Sept 28 | Bruxelles – BE | Piola
Sept 29 | Mannheim – DE | Kurz bar
Sept 30 | Höhr-Grenzhausen – DE | Café Libre
Oct 02 | Dresden – DE | Wulbert ́s Café
Oct 03 | Leipzig – DE | Noch Besser leben
Oct 04 | Berlin – DE | Madame Claude
Oct 05 | Marburg – DE | Q-Marburg
Oct 06 | Luzern – CH | MOLO Bar
Oct 07 | Cuneo – IT | Birrovia
Oct 08 | Milano – IT | Gattò
Oct 09 | Torino – IT | Sofà Café
Oct 10 | Bologna – IT | OFF
Oct 11 | Sora – IT | Deliri Cafè Bistrot
Oct 12 | Bellizzi – IT | Freadom
Oct 13 | M. Gioiosa Ionica – IT | Blue Dahlia