New Routines Every Day
You Never Know What Is Enough /
Unless You Know What Is More Than Enough



Pulver Und Asche

Release Date
June 9 2017


A1. Maybe those who were here before
A2. Fog of fog, lips embers
A3. What remained out of silence

B1. Remainder memory
B2. Outside of nowhere
B3. What dwells behind the door

C1. How a minute passes
C2. Eternity and nothing

D1. Bows to the roots
D2. Ya Habibi (as a final act)


New Routines Every Day is a duo (Marcel Chagrin & Rudy Decelière) that creates cinematic atmospheres, freeing a flow of images in the mind of the listener. Field recordings generate landscapes with floating characters, while the guitar provides a path on which to tread and weave a scenario, a journey.

Winds, songs and roads less travelled, with a feeling of serene doom.

Marcel Chagrin & Rudy Decelière have known each other for many years, each experiencing a singular mutual tacit comprehension like a kind of silent brotherhood. In 2014 the occasion to work together was met by a carte-blanche commission to Marcel Chagrin by the Film Festival of Locarno, CH. They decided to call themselves New Routines Every Day and recorded their first album You Never Know What Is Enough / Unless You Know What Is More Than Enough.
They prepared their first concert during a session in a studio in Lausanne where the sounds of Rudy Decelière encompassed mind soundscapes while the melodies of Marcel Chagrin suggested the narration. Together a cinematographic universe was created without images and without words which asks the listener to create his/her own story and film frame.

You Never Know What Is Enough / Unless You Know What Is More Than Enough (title taken from William Blake) was written and recorded on analog in 2015 during an intensive week in Lausanne, Switzerland, by Antoine Etter (Sophie Hunger, The Young Gods). Through its technical and aesthetic choices, the composition and the recording of the work are intimately linked by many constraints: the analog sound directly mixed to stereo, the limited duration of the magnetic tapes and the limited duration of the vinyls, etc. necessarily involve particular attention to the final piece of work, without the possibility of cuts, mixing, or any further improvement. What is recorded is what will be heard!

In addition to these voluntary constraints, the recording pays particular attention to the possibility of a cinematographic narrative. Each piece is composed as a result of the previous one for the sake of coherence of the whole. One could almost say that each piece is a sequence shot. In the end, the film is infinite: it is a consequence of the involvement of the work with the imagination of the listener.

Recording & mastering : Antoine Etter.

Thanks: Samantha Granger, Anne Delahaye & Nicolas Leresche, le lapin.

Marcel Chagrin is a musician with polymorphic styles and surprising sonorities. As a one-man orchestra, his performances are both hypnotic and narrative and their intensity can sometimes come close to slowly creating a sensation of vertigo. His guitar playing is a combination of held notes and powerful amplifications, producing long feedbacks in which his spontaneous and repetitive (and at times, kitsch) melodies create unusual contrasts. As unusual as his career, which has led him from place to place, a way of life fashioned by chance meetings along the way combined with the need for a demanding solitude. He has collaborated with Tivadar Pénzes, Nikos Veliotis, Lorna Snow, Noel Akchoté, Brian Eno, Georg Baselitz, Georg Traber, Christian Weber, Erik Minkkinen, William Parker, as well as D’incise, with whom he created the duo Heu{s-k}ach (2009). He currently lives between Switzerland, the Aran Islands and Alaska.

Rudy Deceliere is a multidisciplinary sound artist who explores the art of sound mainly through installations. With these soundscapes, which range from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, he creates a sound architecture which, through its measured, protracted, calm detail, encourages the viewer/listener to create their own personal and interior intimacy with the work and its environment. Alongside this activity, he works as a sound engineer for independent art films and documentaries, which gives him the opportunity to feed his personal bank of field-recordings, compatible with his interests and his sensitivity for ambient sounds and the sonic events/accidents he encounters. Subsequently, he use these in the construction of music and sound design for theatre and contemporary dance. He has collaborated with Anne Delahaye & Nicolas Leresche, Vincent Hänni, Donatel- le Bernardi, Maya Bösch, Marco Poloni, the CERN, and has obtained numerous grants or residencies in Switzerland and abroad. He lives in Switzerland.