Ammiratore Omonimo Records
Retroazione Compagnie Fonografiche
Release Date
November 10 2017


side A
1. bassodromo
2. antiEuclid
3. impossibile essere possibile

side B
1. humanoide
3. DwORD
4. antiReprise


_NorN is the new album from vonneumann, the ninth, to be exact.
_NorN is a tribute to one of the most famous errors in lexicography: the ghost word dord. Since vonneumann contains many Ns in its name, we liked to play around with symmetry, substituting the Ds in dord with our Ns.
_NorN is our funk album.
_NorN is an accidental creation.
_NorN is a record which talks about errors: syntactic, calligraphic, digital, lexicographical, semantic, algorithmic, rhythmic; anyhow pertaining to communication.
_NorN can be pronounced all at once but also “N or N”, which is our way of saying that it doesn’t matter who plays for us, when they do, they become one of our many Ns; and from then onwards it’s indifferent which N it is, it all becomes vonneumann.
_NorN is the logic gate OR that implements the disjunction between the Ns.
_NorN has N-guests. In order of appearance: Lucio Leoni, Ivan A. Rossi, Andrea Cerrato, Vera Burghignoli, Sonia Scialanca, Marco Tabellini; moreover, the cello line on antiEuclid is accidentally inspired (an error!) by a cello line of Christoph Berg (aka Field Rotation).
_NorN takes inspiration from the infinite possibilities of languages, from the extreme artificial rigor of Ithkuil, to the sinuous beauty of the Codex Seraphinianus, to the lightness of infants’ scribbles, to the mystery of primitive computer AI spontaneously developing new languages to dialogue, but then when you need to print your last document, something goes wrong and you get strings of undecipherable characters like:

_NorN is a new Rosetta stone, a modern Babylon.
_NorN exists in this world, in which at least 6909 spoken languages exist simultanously, sub-reddits of people discussing which between Tra’wopšaluòdvöfš or Uipšàřnûrt is a more exact definition, or what would Duchamp say about: Aukkras êqutta ogvëuļa tnou’elkwa pal-lši augwaikštülnàmbu. In this world where Urban Dictionary allows the crowdsourcing of the definition of covfefe, the difference between errors and languages becomes so subtle that is often negligible or irrelevant. In this world, NorN is both error and language.

Press Pictures by Ilaria Turini.

Special Info 1: The third track of this album (impossibile essere possibile) will also be present on Lucio Leoni’s album Il lupo cattivo, with a different mix. Both albums NorN and Il lupo cattivo are going to be released simultaneously, in November 2017.

Special Info 2: In order to celebrate the landmark importance of NorN in the band’s artistic journey, vonneumann has contacted 8 of its most esteemed Italian friend musicians, each to make a remix of one of the 8 songs on the album. The artists involved are: Simon Balestrazzi, Fabio Perletta, Simone Lalli (aka Autobam), Ennio Mazzon, Marco Caizzi (Rainbow Island), Fabio Stirner (aka Hatori Yumi), Matteo Uggeri (aka Barnacles) and Marco Bonini (aka uBiK). The remix album will be available for free to the subscribers of vonneumann’s mod n project. You can subscribe to mod n at this link: eepurl.com/bqCtRz.

Info on artwork: The artwork of NorN is divided into 4 panels. The two external panels are inspired by the Ithkuil theoretical language and by the Codex Seraphinianus. The internal panels are inspired by the Rosetta Stone and feature a child’s scribbles on one side and digital output errors on the other. A “definition” of NorN is provided using all the glyphs adopted for the graphics, mimicking a dictionary’s entry for the word, just like the definition “dord”, featured on the second edition of Webster’s New International Dictionary (1934).

Info on mastering: This album features a wider dynamic range and less average loudness than standard, in recognition of the loudness wars’ demise. Please turn up the volume to the loudness you prefer.