Olivier Lété



Release Date 
April 7 2017
France, BNL, Germany, Italy, UK


1. Dude Dad
2. Plus près
3. Ten Dollar’s Hand
4. Tuning
5. Un retour
6. Blacktop
7. Une saison
8. Silent-Bloc
9. But He Can’t Fly



Tuning is a solo album, featuring only electric bass plugged into two amplifiers without effects pedals.
The songs begin with throbbing, repetitive melodies, featuring prepared objects and innovative down-tuning.

Then, they unfold into improvised suites.

Tuning evokes the road that passes — the fat, straight lines, the forests on either side of the road, the factories without end that shine in the night. The vibrations of the motor are confused with those of the instrument, framed with unpredictable variations, submitted to the whims of the machine.

Olivier Lété born in 1979. His youthful heterogeneous musical passions from Led Zepelin and Michel LegrandPierre Boulez and Bobby LapointeJohn Coltrane and PurcellSoft Machine and Michael Jackson, lie at the basis of his creations and his collaborations.
As a composer and improviser, he has developed a singular conception of the electric bass, affirming and refining his many influences by his attachment to sound and musical audacity.

In 2002, at the age of 23, he is engaged in the National Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Claude Barthélémy, then in the forma- tions of several great contemporary jazzmen such as Dominique Pifarély (After the Revolution), Vincent Courtois (Watt), Michel Godard (A Trace of Grace); And Louis Sclavis that he accompanies from 2008 to 2012 (Lost on The Way).
Lété was also a member of the Collectif Slang, a leading group in the Parisian electro-jazz scene of the early 2000s.

Lété also participated in contemporary music projects (Le Balcon, Dédalus, Ars Nova), in dance (Christian & François Ben AÏm), in theater (Emmanuelle Labory, Jocelyn Bonnerave O(h)M ), in indie-pop (The Sophia Laurenians, Patrick Ingueneau) and for radio spots.

As a leader or co-leader, this groups have ranged from a jazz quartet (-Ion) to the string quartet (Sixteen), to an instrumental trio format (Le Maigre Feu de la Nonne en Hiver) now, the brilliant Tuning finds the bassist standing alone.

His road regularly crosses the ones of : Mike Ladd, Emmanuel Scarpa, Julien Padovani, Antoine Berjeaut, Julien Desprez, Quentin Sirjac, Christophe Lavergne, Gilles Coronado.

Olivier teaches electric bass and has conducted workshops at the conservatory of Pantin since 2005.