Self Released/The Gum Club
Release Date
May 4 2018


1. Fragment 12
2. Fragment 53
3. Fragment 45
4. Fragment 19
5. Fragment 22
6. Fragment 26
7. Fragment 9
8. Fragment 48
9. Fragment 50
10. Fragment 25
11. Fragment 33



With his ethereal singing, freed from words, sentences and often only accompanied by the piano, Rougge aims at raw emotions.

CORDES, Rougge’s new album materializes his ongoing collaboration with a string quintet. After two previous solo albums, he reinterprets 11 pieces, venturing this time out of his usual intimacy to reach new vibrations and a different intensity.

When you think of Rougge, you think of Thom Yorke‘s voice, the sensitivity of Antony and the Johnsons, the audaciousness and the glossolalia of Sigur Ros or Dead Can Dance‘s Lisa Gerrard. Indeed, Rougge certainly has elements of all of them, condensed in a piano/voice solo project. His first album Fragments was released in 2007 and was warmly welcomed by music critics in various major European web magazines.

He has accompanied exhibitions combining painting and music, including soundtracks for drama plays La Fellation du diable (2009), Vie et mort de Pier Paolo Pasoloni (Cie La Comedia 2011) and La théorie des Phaco- chères (2012).

2016 began with the creation and diffusion of several video clips and a well-received collaboration with the world-famous photographer Vincent Munier.

In June 2016, he released the album Monochrome through The Gum Club.

In March 2017 he released a new EP of music arranged for the piano, voice and string quintet as a first step towards CORDES.

Rougge created the music for the short film “Alice(s)” by Julien Rotterman. It won the Gold Award at the EIFA 2017 (European Independent Film Award) and was selected at the New York International Film Festival and several other festivals.

Rougge also recently collaborated online with Benjamin Millepied’s dance company based in Los Angeles.

A new project has now been launched to create a few piano-voice concerts accompanied by a 50-person Harmonie orchestra. A great new experience to come.

Rougge. Surely a colour to (re)discover…