Half Moon



Self Released

Release Date
August 5 2017


1. Ivory Tower
2. Aberdeen
3. Daddy Long Legs
4. Red Dog
5. HalfMoon



Half Moon will be released in Europe and the US on CD, LP and streaming August 5, 2017.

Rubyfruit is a duo currently based in Denver, CO, USA that creates a fresh take on indie-americana music.

The two voices of Jenny Posnak and Kate Hamilton, each unique yet wonderfully blended, create a characteristic, harmony-driven and haunting sound.

Rubyfruit’s first EP synthesizes folk instrumentation and tempo, jazz percussion, rock guitar and bass with lyrical content that grapples with ever-changing concepts of home. Background vocals are performed by Ruby Amanfu, known for her collaborations with Jack White and Beyonce, as well as her own solo work.

Musical influences include: Fairport Convention, Feist, Fats Waller, Amy Winehouse, Tao and The Get Down Stay Down, Oscar Peterson, Tune Yards, Fleetwood Mac.

Rubyfruit will tour the United States with Evening Darling August 5-13, 2017.

After living in New York for seven years, the members of Rubyfruit (Jenny Posnak and Kate Hamilton) felt the city was not their home but didn’t know where to go and were curious what it would be like to be a couple, creating and playing music outside of cities amidst the trying climate of the 2016 U.S. presidential election season. Rubyfruit set out on a nine month work-trading, writing and performance tour of the United States. The organization WWOOF, couchsurfing and the kindness of strangers and friends made it possible for Half Moon to be written on farms in San Marcos, TX, Concord, CA, Williams, OR, Battleground, WA, Fairview, NC, Springfield, VT, Redford, MI and Nashvil- le, IN.

In an effort to be as lightweight as possible, Rubyfruit performed acoustically throughout the journey with only their voices and a banjolele. The music and lyrics and arrangements that define Rubyfruit’s sound are written and performed by Kate Hamilton, a lyric but sensuous soprano and Jenny Posnak, a raw and pleading vocalist and multi-instrumentalist.

Now Rubyfruit is thrilled to share the work they made on the journey as it was fleshed out in full-band form during the last stop of their journey, Nashville, TN, in August 2016. The EP is made in collaboration with Marc Lacuesta (production, mixes and bass) Justin Amaral (percussion), Nick Lerangis (guitar) Chuck Burns (bass) and Ruby Amanfu (background vocals).


Lyric pearls:

Don’t speak softly, help only comes to the screaming.” – Ivory Tower

Watch for the old fox, watch for her shame. She’ll hold you down and make you tame.” – Red Dog

Half moon, which way will you go?” – Half Moon




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