This is not the paradise
they told us we would live in



popup records
La Baleine/Believe Digital

Release Date
April 7 2017


1. Something Like You
2. Not The Only One Here
3. Is This Our Generation
4. I Am Here To Stay



The three-piece plays minimalist post-punk with breathless vocals and a sharp, intense sound.
Their wild, forward-pushing songs incite the crowd to go crazy, while the lyrics express a direct, but reflected criticism on the reckless and shortsighted behavior of today’s society. This dissatisfaction reaches its peak in their explosive energy on stage and irresistible, sweaty live shows, that already created a buzz all around Germany and the UK.

The band was founded in 2012 by the brothers Levin and Leon Krasel, their friend Luca Schueten joined in 2013. After playing countless shows all around Germany and the UK, the band decided to move to London in 2015, where they used to live together in a poky one-room-flat and play their ass off in the rough clubs of the british music scene. In the beginning of 2016, SPARKLING played a couple more shows all around europe and supported the Fat White Family in Germany.

Their long-expected EP “This is not the paradise they told us we would live in” will be finally released in France on April 7 2017, in collaboration with the berlin-based producer Moses Schneider (Beatsteaks, Tocotronic, Fehlfarben).
The Musikexpress called them “The Next Big Thing”.

A smashing post-punk-concept, that doesn’t evoke the energy of the old Arctic Monkeys by chance. The songs on their new EP are greatly on point: wild and angry, but clear and reduced to the essentials at the same time”.

Intro magazine
Sparklings ragged Postpunk-Indie-Pop wriggles and bursts from energy and convinces with tight guitar riffs and sharp lyrics, that reminds of Mike Skinner. You should definitly keep them in mind.

The song „Is this our Generation“ is an anthem, that gets to the point of their generation’s spirit.“ The ‘What About You EP‘ sounds like Mike Skinner (The Streets) would join The Whitest Boy Alive to create a sound like Gang of Four”.

SPARKLING was nominated for the PopUp NRW Price 2015 in the category „Newcomer“.

Diffus magazine
Sharp riffs, crashing drums and rapid lyrics meld into a sound between post-punk and hip hop. Ten years ago, some boys from sheffield took over europe overnight in a similar way. Like the Arctic Monkeys, SPARKLING mainly loves to shout a dose of social criticism in ones face.