Stefano Zeni
Parallel Paths



Zanetti Records

Release Date
May 6 2018


1. Sit On The Fence – Part 1
2. Free Time In Central Park
3. Twilight
4. Intensive Care
5. Parallel Paths
6. She Plays In The Snow
7. Blue Crab
8. Reflected Images
9. Skipping Rope
10. World In Colours
11. Innate Behaviour
12. Perhaps It Will Change
13. Orange Clouds On The Horizon
14. Peacefully
15. Sit On The Fence – Part 2



Parallel Paths (Zanetti Records, Italy) is the first solo album by Stefano Zeni.

A few years after the previous record Passaggi Circolari (YVP Music, Germany), the violinist returns with fifteen original crossover tracks where jazz, fusion, classical, avant-garde and world music converge: the melodies range between scratchy, persuasive soft and surreal.

It is an autobiographical journey where the important thing is not where you arrive, but the path that you decide to undertake. Each song has its own characteristic and part of the magic is seeing where the journey takes you, with the album ending where it started.

Stefano was able to secure two prestigious collaborations: the American vibraphonist Mike Mainieri, already founder of the band Steps Ahead (in Twilight) and the Italian vocal performer Boris Savoldelli (in Blue Crab).

Stefano Zeni has a current and original sound, influenced by the style of violinist Jean-Luc Ponty, the guitars of Pat Metheny and Bill Frisell and groups such as Weather Report and Steps Ahead.

The sound of the acoustic violin alternates with that of the 5-string electric / midi violin. The violin is also used as a guitar, bass, synth, percussion and flanked by vocalizations, whistles, kazoos, effects and loops.

Enjoy your musical journey with this wondeful and versatile instrument.

Stefano Zeni was born in Milan on December 30, 1974.
He graduated in violin from Trento Conservatory in 1997 and afterwards attended the jazz summer workshops in Siena (summer 1999).
He then proceeded to postgraduate in Jazz from Brescia Conservatory in 2004. Versatile musician, composer and arranger, he performs regularly with modern, jazz, fusion, ethnic and folk groups. He is currently working with the following musicians: Ellade Bandini, Mario Arcari, Giorgio Cordini, Joe Damiani, Diego Maggi, Franco Cristaldi, Eugenio Mori, Guido Bombardieri and many others.
Past collaborations include those with Mauro Pagani, Eugenio Finardi, Antonella Ruggiero, Fabio Concato, Sandro Gibellini, Pier Michelatti, Fulvio Sigurtà, Mauro “Otto” Ottolini, Roberto Bonati, Roberto Dani, Beppe Caruso, Kyle Gregory, Giulio Visibelli, Riccardo Tesi, Carmelo Leotta and Enrico Terragnoli.
He composed the one-act musical comedy, « La Piana delle Anguane » in collaboration with Angela Citterio (first flautist with « I Pomeriggi Musicali » Orchestra in Milan) and the lyricist Raffaella Benetti. Passaggi Circolari (yvp music – Germany) is the debut studio album by Stefano Zeni. It was released on 15 october 2011, which was followed by Stefano Zeni twice reaching no.2 Best Jazz Violinist in the Jazz-It Pool two years in a row (2012-2013).
In 2017, he collaborated with ROCKIN1000 as « violin guru » (string section leader) in Seoul and New York City; a musical event in which 300 musicians played simultaneously soul artist Andra Day‘s song « Rise up« . (Andra Day new music video will be distributed worldwide.)
Aside from his recording work in various roles as well as collaborating with different artists, he teaches jazz violin, viola and cello at CDM – Rovereto.
He is a Cantini electric violins endorser.