The Cubical
Blood Moon



Kroese Records/Halfpenny/Cargo Records

Release Date
May 19 2017


1. All Ain’t Well
2. I Believe It When I Love You
3. Blood Moon
4. I Want Money
5. In Your Eyes
6. Con Man 512
7. In The Darkest Corners
8. Whilst Judas Sleeps
9. Shipwrecked 737



Liverpool garage/blues monsters The Cubical return to release their fourth studio album Blood Moon on 19th May.
The long awaited release follows three critically acclaimed studio albums and a “Live in Oslo” long player, as well as solo releases from Lead Singer Dan Wilson (All Love is Blind) and Lead Guitarist Alex Gavaghan (Binman of Love). Teaming up with long-time collaborator producer Keith Thompson, Blood Moon is perhaps their darkest, dirtiest and most original album to date. From the eerie apocalyptic voodoo tones of opener ALL AIN’T WELL to the stomping primal rock n roll of closer SHIPWRECKED 737, The Cubical once again delight the senses with superbly crafted songs jam packed with memorable riffs, mouth-watering solos and thought provoking lyrical majesty, all expertly serviced by the masterful rhythm section of Mark Percy and Craig Bell that pounds and caresses in equal measure.

Garage blues stompers such as I WANT MONEY and CON MAN 512 drag the listener into the world of seedy parasites, desolate bedrooms and spiritless sectarian wastelands, memorable lines such as “I wiped my arse on a press release” are aided superbly by the electrifying horn section of Martin Smith and Simon James (Gorky’s, Super Furry Animals, The Coral and The Wizards of Twiddly) and the soulful backing vocals of Liverpool’s very own jazz queen, Amanda Brown.

The band and horn section growl, screech and freewheel along with a tenacious swagger and no more so than on the catchy I BELIEVE IT WHEN I LOVE YOU that features the kind of iconic riff that will have Led Zep fans staining their spandex and features a slide guitar solo that leaves the juice dripping down the chin of any greedy listener.

Title track BLOOD MOON has all the hallmarks of The Cubical’s very own dark ritualistic blues infused prophecy, here the band are summoning up the spirits, building from a primal drumbeat before slicing guitars and a fuzzed up bass tear through the canvas, all whirling around a demonic vocal with a fraught Wilson railing against the unfeeling world yet revelling in it’s dark underbelly: “hand cooked classics served with fascist power.

IN YOUR EYES and WHILST JUDAS SLEEPS are uniquely bitter sweet melancholic numbers that utilise the prowess of cellist Siofra Ward. Frail melodies and rhythmic drones build into heartstring tugging crescendos with a wonderful use of vocal harmony and lyrical imagery serving to provide a real departure from previous Cubical albums.

Older, wiser but still packing a punch to match any of the young pretenders, Blood Moon is the Cubical at their finest – talents honed, claws sharpened and the bit firmly between their teeth. These expertly crafted musical gems deliver both substantially and stylistically to produce an album that penetrates matters of both head and heart, a soundtrack for turbulent times.