Photo by Pau Viñas & Raquel Vargas


Wave Tension Records

Release Date
July 25 2017


A1. Fargo
A2. Kraken
A3. Himitsu
A4. Centauri
B1. Koma
B2. Fluorid
B3. Smileys



The vinyl re-issue of the Kraken EP (originally released on cassette in February 2013 via Night-People) will be released on July 25th by Wave Tension Records and it marks the label’s first release.

The record comes with carefully remastered tracks, including two unreleased songs and a brand new artwork by Liz Pavlovic. It marks unhappybirthday’s third vinyl after the re-releases of both their albums by LebenStrasse Records (Sirup) & Kingfisher Bluez (Schauer).

Unhappybirthday is a Hamburg based trio formed in 2011 by Daniel (vocals, synth), Tobi (guitar) and André (bass). Annoyed by high-end-super-digital-recordings, they got back to the very basics and brought the spirit of simple garage punk songs together with all the great pop music they were inspired by. They started to record stuff on tape, without digital equipment, all by themselves in their living room.

Unhappybirthday offer something very nice in their approach to minimalist synth pop/melodic post punk. They tap into a nice cross section of new wave and post punk touchstones for a sizable mix of danceable rhythms. Simple in structure but resonant in scope, the few songs on this record capture the perfect balance of sad and lonely catchiness that makes spending hours in a bedroom listening on repeat seem not only reasonable but necessary.

The band toured extensively through Europe in the past years, sharing the stage with Agent Side Grinder, Tuxedomoon, Soviet Soviet, Section 25, Terror Bird and many more

Future wise they are exploring the possibilities that come with their new bass player Kim. Forming, dreaming and diving into a new unhappybirthday sound. They are documenting this first transition period by recording new material and working on the next record. Stay Tuned!

« Kraken established the group as one of the world’s most formidable & important electro-pop acts of understated & expansive influence & taste. »
– Impose Magazine

« It’s a sunny day feel for the couch potato. Let’s spend this summer inside, listening to Kraken on repeat. Find the meaning of memory. And start from there. »
– Tiny Mix Tapes

« I can’t remember ever having heard something so 80s indebted and yet so simple and warm. It helps that Daniel’s vocals are both German and have the husky, distant timbre that evokes Vaseline-lensed cameras and lily-gilded windowsills, black overcoats and gondola rides in narrow canals through an urban jungle on an overcast day. »
– Sonic Masala

« The aural haze and meta-emotions surrounding this brief record are ones of downcast preening and wistful bleakness, things that hung around in the air of Thatcher-era London and pre-Euro collapse Berlin. »
-Tome To The Weather Machine