Vanished Souls
Self Titled



Frozen Records/Chancy Publishing
Release Date
March 30 2018


1. Ghosts
2. My ROM
3. All forget
4. You’re not alone
5. Nauseous
6. Am your shadow
7. Between us and everything
8. No suffering
9. 3:42 (Extended)
10. Shame
11. Silencio


Vanished Souls (VS)’s strength and singularity are built on being open to any musical styles, not looking down on some types of music or instruments, drawing interesting inspirations here and there, magnifying them, melting numerous ingredients to bring the whole in a same direction. Scheduled for March 2018 the eponym album testifies this smart mixed-synthesis harmoniously unfolded through eleven tracks. The mind-blowing and psychedelic print of Pink Floyd, Archive’s melancholy and Radiohead’s fragile flamboyance meet on 60’s brit-pop-inheritated arrangements.

Vanished Souls (VS)’s 2012 EP and 2013 1st album called «CiTies R reaL» had already initiated to the band’s powerful euphoric & melancholic universe.

In 2014, the band holds a series of concerts and festivals, giving its cinematographic music another dimension through polished visual shows.

2 years later the band pushes forward with a new clip: «3 :42». Produced by Rachid Dhibou in Luc Besson studios, the video uses rock & electro influences to formulate the album’s theme in its most impetuous energy: the modern world’s madness.

Bore by the single «You’re Not Alone», a mystical-mood aerial track, this new album blows away everything as a tidal wave. Melting assertive grandiloquent accents («Ghosts») to melan- cholic blurry tints («My ROM», «Am Your Shadow»), this new discographic section plays on alternative atmospheres, mind-blowing, intimist, explosive, in turn.

Vanished Souls (VS) betwitches you with in a pop-style writing («All Forget», «Shame»), thrawted with strong and tense bursts. The band also dares electronic incursions («Nauseous») that Happy Mondays’ members would have not disavowed during Hacienda’s climax.

The album includes a languishing, dreamy parenthesis with an audacious modern psychedelism («No Suffering»), soft and slow abyssal descents («Between Us»). A real invitation to travels, to an obsessive peace… It ends with a self-evident finale «Silencio», a canonical cinematographic reference, first and last blow of a dreamt odyssey «Mépris», until dramatic dimensions’ swelling guitars.