Verdiana Raw
Whales Know The Route



Pippola Music

On Tour
From December 1 to December 8 2018


1. Whales Know the Route
2. Time is Circular
3. Planets
4. The Disaster
5. Behind That Ballerina Dress
6. Amina’s
7. Saturnire Hopes
8. On the Road to Thelema
9. According to Satie



Verdiana Raw is a versatile and complete twenty-nine years old artist. As songwriter and performer, she combines passion and technique in a continuous growth through research and artistic work, studies and collaborations in various disciplines: music, theater, dance, painting, poetry.

Her second album, ‘Whales Know The Route‘ is her lastest one and has been released in May 2016 via Pippola Music/Audioglobe/Rough Trade.

The experience of motherhood, the music therapy studies, the new artistic collaborations, including the meeting with Paolo Favati (of Pankow fame) have deeply marked Verdiana Raw‘s artistic project. Paolo Favati contributed with a sophisticated and ambitious production as well as playing bass throughout the album. The viola player Erika Giansanti, a very emotional musician, was able to build a bridge between the neo classical athmospheres of the previous album ‘Metaxy‘ and the ‘alternative rock’ sound of ‘Whales Know The Route‘. Antonio Bacchi‘s guitars and Fabio Chiari‘s drums have walked alon- gside Verdiana in her path from the ‘black and white’ atmosphere of ‘Metaxy‘ to the colors and nuances of the new album.

To support ‘Whales Know The Route‘, Verdiana Raw will be touring Europe early December 2018. She will cross Switzerland, France, Belgium and Germany. From the year of the album release Verdiana has matured an autonomous transformation of the set that she brings on stage, rethinking the arrangements and the vocality of the songs together with the guitarist Alberto Mariotti (King Of the Opera), and the bass player Andrea Cuccaro that comes from the experience of the band Bad Apple Sons.

This semi-acoustic version creates a soft and intense space that sustains the  voice in a seemingly intimate journey between the chapters of a story, powerful in its being raw and entrusted to a careful and wise use of the effects, where what matters is primarily the protagonism of the bodies, of the gesture and the uniqueness of the lived moment as a sincere and direct exchange with the present audience, thus returning to a more ritual idea of ​​the art of the storytelling combined with  the contemporary vision of perfomance where theater, movement, word and sounds intertwine.

Verdiana Raw European tour dates
Dec 1 | Luzern – CH | Molo Bar
Dec 4 | Geneve – CH | Urgence Disk Records
Dec 5 | Troyes – FR | The Message
Dec 6 | Paris – FR | L’international
Dec 7 | Bruxelles – BE | Piola
Dec 8 | Ulm – DE | Boulevard Gold