Soft People
Absolute Boys



Sandwich Kingdom
Release Date
October 2 2020


1. New Moon
2. Shot Through
3. Wish II
4. Ramon
5. Louis
6. William
7. Alex
8. I Saw The Moon!
9. 22 Lunes
10. Embering



Soft People’s music is transcendental and important; glittery and rough-spun; weaving together the varying – and often seemingly opposing – influences of its two founding members like stitches over an open wound. John Metz and Caleb Nichols met in 2009 as members of the band Grand Lake, not long after Nichols left his previous project Port O’Brien. Shortly thereafter, the two began dating; now, they’ve been married for six years.

Though the two are both lifelong musicians, Soft People as a band was first born not out of a shared proclivity for music, but as a way to wade through rough times; though now based in their native California, the pair lived for a year in Atlanta, GA, where they moved for work not long after the 2016 election. Their first album, American Men, which was written and recorded in 2017, was largely an indictment of capitalism, the toxicity of the patriarchy, and chronicles how masculinity and capital are curious bedfellows.

Now, their sophomore effort, Absolute Boys, is decidedly apolitical and distinctly queer; an enclave of universal vignettes, entreating one lover to the next within a hub of uncluttered poetry and imagination.

A modern pop flicker with an edgy 80’s glimmer at its beating heart, Absolute Boys is sophisticated and universal, and it feels like the natural culmination not only of a long and storied music career, but of a long and storied relationship.

Soft People
is Caleb Nichols & John Metz.
Written, recorded, performed and produced by Soft People.
Mixed by Jay Pellicci.
Mastered by Alan Douches.
Art by Noah Kwid.