To All My Friends



Baciami Disques
Release Date
October 29, 2021


1. To All My Friends
2. Explorer
3. Ever Out Weatherall
4. Church Of Ecstasy
5. Slowly Fading (feat. Pencey Sloe)


Almeeva aka Gregory Hoepffner is a multi-instrumentist & producer behind many projects (Jean Jean, Sure, Kabbel…) and collabs (remixes for Health, Bachar Mar Khalifé, La Jungle, Bernard Szajner…). His music was featured in TV series («Drive To Survive», «Shameless»), the Olympics, a full length movie about Japanese bondage and even the most epic commercial for a world class toilet brand.

Following a few releases for InFiné (Rone, Carl Craig, Apparat…), this EP is spawned by a new life in Sweden, and a redeeming encounter with producer extraordinaire Christoffer Berg (Fever Ray, The Knife, Robyn, Depeche Mode…), who now shares his studio with Gregory.

With his pop-demons out of the way thanks to the recent side-project Kabbel, Almeeva can finally stop trying to fit into boxes or genres. Opener « To All My Friends » mixes Euro-Dance euphoria with Ryuichi Sakamoto’s buddhist poetry, while « Explorer » pays hommage to trans artist Beverly Glenn-Copeland, carrying its universal message on a piano-house journey : « Do it, just do what you’re called to do. It doesn’t matter if anybody wants it, explore it anyway ». « Ever Out Weatherall » slides from club to club, and ends with a post-punk celebration, hands up towards the late Andrew Weatherall. « Slowly Fading » concludes with a final church mashup, featuring the hypnotizing vocals of Diane Pellotieri (from the slowcore band Pencey Sloe), over a modular beat improvised with the inevitable Christoffer Berg.

Almeeva paves his own way, following a new mantra : stop making plans, and capture the magic when it’s there. At the end of the road could be a promised fantasy, fueled by a long year in isolation : a safe space where everyone is invited to relive moments of shared ecstasy.