Seb Brun
Ar Ker



Carton Records/Coax/Maison Tempête
Release Date
June 12, 2020


1. Intro
2. Bob Zarkansyel (Zanmari Baré) 3. Ker
4. Interlude I
5. Koroll
6. Empty
7. Interlude II
8. Frozen



Seb Brun, an art with a rhythm that is both organic and mechanical that touches the heart of the contemporary.
— Jazz Magazine

Ker is a regional prefix meaning behind fortified place, castle, citadel, then village and finally a dwelling place; these differences of interpretation, rich in fractal notions, evoke both openness and withdrawal, the intimate space and the public space, the bulwark, the reception and the distortion of perceptions. A journey between shamanism and hard electr nica. Everything is played live, no overdubs.

Ar Ker will be released on June 12, 2020 in CD, LP and all digital formats and platforms via Carton Records, Coax Records and Maison Tempête.

Coming from mathematics, rock and contemporary written music, Seb Brun is a musical activist. Drummer, composer and producer, he navigates between digital performances, free improvisation, contemporary music and electronica.

Electronics naturally takes an important place within its extended instrument, combining acoustic textures and electronic processing with a rough and singular drumming. He works on repetitions, stacks, overlays, time distortion, different scales of perception (traditional trances, Euclidean rhythms, micro-time, soundfield recording …).

He also questions the place of the body and the notion of space in music and thus collaborates with performative theater, contemporary dance and the circus. Everything is performance: the writing, its conception, its execution, the way we give to see and perceive it.

Seb Brun mainly devotes himself to his projects (Parquet, Luxus, Horns, Brut & Tremblant…) as well as to this own label Carton Records (Jeanne Added, Magnetic Ensemble, Mazalda, IRèNE, Julien Desprez…) but continues his activity of performs with Frédérick Galiay, Vincent Courtois or Joce Mienniel.

In 2019, he composed Horns |, Immersive piece for speakers, amplifiers and 4 improvisers (Creation Meteo Music Festival). In 2020, will be released the recordings of a his solo piece for drums & electronics Ar Ker as well as Parquet (dance floor noise), a trio with Julien Desprez, Clément Vercelletto, and Ars Circa Musicæ (with Pierre Alexandre Tremblay and Nicolas Stephan).