Arid Fields



Autoscopy Records
Release Date
November 3, 2023


1. Keepsake
2. Lone Rock Beach
3. Erode
4. Unknown Item
5. Echo Bay
6. Ultraviolet Night
7. Sand
8. Cast off
9. Les Grillons de Maintenant
10. Cold Hands
11. Be Firework
12. Accept first


Odyssée is Edouard Lebrun, a French artist based in the Alps mountains. He makes music in unusual places by bringing his modular synthesizer to the wildest and most hostile landscapes. He made his way into music by drumming in the French electronic rock band Jean Jean, well known in the synth-wave/- math-rock scene, before developing a taste for turning knobs.

In 2020, he moved from Paris to a secluded cabin high in the mountains, where he felt like it was time to dive into his very personal odyssey, an art refuge and an ode to nature and contemplation.

In his sonic quest, he developed a self-powered modular system capable of making music everywhere. To bring technology into nature and see how environment and creativity can interact together was a far-fetched dream.

Music is not the only form of art he’s good at, as he also produces videos of his setup in each landscape he explores. Each piece of music he produces is a unique moment as he never creates twice in the same place, emotions confronting the raw reality of wilderness and the paradox of a primal return to nature through modern tools dissolving into screaming clarity.

After some time making music in the mountains, he decided he needed new landscapes to find inspiration, and so he took his synth to several deserts in the southwestern United States (Joshua Tree, Mojave, Nevada…).

He stayed a few weeks alone in those barren places, composing and recording music outdoors, facing the elements and trying to aggregate emotions into music.

From this experiment, he brought back Arid Fields, a sonic journey through ethereal landscapes filled with an intended sense of loneliness. The ubiquity of synthesizers on this record, mixing post-trance and ambient music plunges us into a cosmic bath, wandering through the dusty rocks of our minds and exploring the inner world through the outer world.