La Jungle
Blurry Landscapes



À tant Rêver du Roi/Black Basset/Rockerill
Also available : 7’’ single
Release Date
June 23, 2022


1. Tomorrow
2. The Marvelous Forest Of Our Dreams
3. La Compagnie De La Chanson
4. Hatching The Light
5. Stop
6. Panther’s Rib Cage
7. Le Chemin Rapide
8. Le Tigre En Bottes Vertes
9. Bass From Funky Jacky
10. The Growl And The Relief
11. Voyage Vers Le Cosmos En Vaisseau D’Argent


La Jungle

À Tant Rêver Du Roi

Black Basset Records

Rockerill Records


The idea behind this record emerged at a very particular time indeed. Concerts were no longer a thing. Tours were cancelled one after the other. Everything had suddenly come to a halt. We were left with two options: stopping altogether or taking advantage of this forced break to write what would be coming next. We chose the second option and composed two albums in the space of a few months, including this one, the sixth LP in La Jungle‘s discography.

With the precious help of the Art et Marges museum in Brussels, we gathered the names of ten artists active in art brut and outsider art, to whom we would go and propose a collaboration. In the process, we got down to writing ten new songs.

We then visited André Robillard in Orléans as well as Inès Reddah and Hideki Oki at Creahmbxl in Ixelles. We also met with François Peeters at la Pommeraie in Quevaucamps, with Lien Anckaert at De Zandberg in Harelbeke and with Samuel Trenquier in his workshop in Anderlecht.

In light of the rather restrictive context at the time, coupled with a feeling of emergency, we also maintained correspondence from a distance with several artists, such as Laurence Halleux and Camille Mildrez of Zone-art in Verviers, or Kostia Botkine, Pascal Leyder and Dominique Theâte of La S Grand Atelier in Vielsalm. We also spoke with Serge Delaunay, who was staying at the Centre Reine Fabiola in Neufville, and with Juliette Zanon, who lives in Pouldergat in French Brittany.

We offered each of them to listen to a composition from our new album. They were invited to give the selected track a title and to interpret it with their own visual work, whatever their most favoured technique might be. A complete carte blanche, apart from the obligation to use a square format, similar to a record cover.

In the booklet that accompanies the new record, you will discover the different works that emerged from this long process of exchange. These are an integral part of the new album by La Jungle.

We would like to dedicate this record to Serge Delaunay, who drew impressive space shuttles and such beautiful planets as part of this project. Serge left us before the record could be released. We hope that he can listen to it and appreciate it from the cosmos he has told us so much about,

We would like to thank all the illustrators who have placed their trust in us, the team at Art et Marges Museum for their advice, as well as the heads of workshops and educators who welcomed us and supported us in achieving this very special project.

Jim & Roxie / La Jungle