Fanfara Station



Garrincha GOGO
Release Date Digital
June 24, 2022
Release Date Physical
September 2, 2022


1. Nagran
2. Madinafrika
3. Sabra
4. Lafoo
5. Yemule Muladdiwen
6. Balai
7. Adra
8. Ya Baba


Fanfara Station will be back June the 24th with a brand new album on Garrincha GOGO, a Garrincha Dischi’s sub label devoted to world music contamination. The Band’s music is indeed mixing the power of a brass band with the energy of the rhythms and the chants of Maghreb and electronic music, an overwhelming dance party.

Fanfara Station are Marzouk Mejri, a Tunisian multi-instrumentalist, Charles Ferris, an American horn player and the Italian DJ/producer Marco Dalmasso aka Ghiaccioli e Branzini. “Boussadia”, the new album, is the first chapter of a path that explores the cultures of each member. Nord Africa is the first chapter, a voyage trough the roots of the singer and percussionist Marzouk. He moved from Tunisia to Naples in the 90’s, where he worked with the most important artist such as Daniele Sepe, James Senese, Eduardo De Crescenzo, 99 Posse, Peppe Barra and many more up to his latest collaboration on Nu Genea’s latest album.

Boussadia” has been recorded in Tunisia in order to immerse and breath the culture, capture the streets’ vibe and work with local artists such as the rapper VIPA, a full immersion in the cosmopolitan Tunis.

This work is deeply inspired by the Stambeli, the animistic music of the Tunisian slaves. Boussadia is a Tunisian mask, a griot dress with multi color clothes. The result is an album on a fine line in between live and electronic music, enriched by a ritual and transcendental feeling that ressembles the band’s live show, his energy and hypnotic rhythms can lift the listeners and take it to a new dimension. Most of the tracks are created recording the band’s live improvisations in order to capture the energy of their concerts.

Marzouk Mejri is a Tunisian percussionist and songwriter, he is among the best percussionist living in italy. Born in a family of musicians in Tebourba, 30 km from Tunis, his dad was a famous snare and darbouka player. He lives in Naples Italy since 18 years where he worked with Daniele Sepe, James Senese, Eduardo De Crescenzo, 99Posse, Peppe Barra and many more. He is the leader of the Marzouk Ensemble since 10 years and multiple other projects. He recorded his first CD “Genina” in 2006. He is also leader of a presidio Slow Food in Tebourba, Tunisiam where he keeps alive the tradition of a hand made couscous.

Charles Ferris, San Francisco, CA, trumpet player and etnomusicologist, he lands in Naples with a Fulbright scolarship to complete a research on the chants of Campania. Worked with Japonize Elephants, l’orchestra salsa Quimbombo, Sineterra, La Mescla, ‘E Zezi, Lisa Mezzacappa, Marcello Giannini, Ajar, Jewlia, Eisenberg, Francesco Forni, Insula Dulcamara, Flo, Maxmaber Orkestar, The Enthusiastics, Joseph Martone, Crossroads Improring, founder of the Four Flea Circus.

Ghiaccioli e Branzini has a trademark style based on the contamination between elettronica, blues, jazz and folk. Since 2012 he is touring with Camillocromo, Beat Band, Hugolini. Besides scoring for films and commercials and working with international brands such as Noris, Superduper Hats, Gucci, Levi’s, Guess, Archivio Personale, Sebago, Saks Fifth Avenue.