Camilla Sparksss
Brutal Remix



On the Camper Records
Release Date
February 21, 2020


1. Are You Ok? — Fakear
2. Womanized — Rebeka Warrior
3. Messing With You — Bit Tuner
4. PsychoLover — Vadim Vernay
5. Messing With You — Mike Mare (Dälek)
6. Sorry — Vadim Vernay
7. So What — Xelius
8. Womanized — Sonoplasta
9. Walt Deathney — Kevin Shea
10. Forget — Monte Mai
11. So What — Isolated Lines
12. She’s A Dream — Tam Bor
13. So What — Toh Imago
14. So What — Bitter Moon
15. Are You Ok? — Texture Droite
16. She Is A Dream — IUEKE


Brutal Remix is a collection of 16 remixes of the original Camilla Sparksss album Brutal (released April 5th 2019, On The Camper records). The remix album includes tracks by fifteen different artists from a vast variety of genres, ranging from experimental noise to dance music.

Then again, what else could be expected by Camilla Sparksss?

Brutal Remix includes tracks by: French trans house beat maker Fakear, electroclash artist Rebeka Warrior (Sexy Sushi / Kompromat / Mansfield TYA), Swiss beat maker Bit-Tuner, multi instrumentals and trip hop researcher researcher Vadim Vernay, American electronics wizard Mike Mare (Dälek), Italian modular synth specialist Xelius, Portugese sound moulder Sonoplasta, New York based experimental jazz drummer Kevin Shea, psychedelic pop band Monte Mai, experimental techno artist Isolated Lines, Mexican electro trip hop Tam Bor, dark techno designer Toh Imago, tropical vibes duo Bitter Moon, French soundscape designer Texture Droite, and experimental techno killer IUEKE.