Camilla Sparksss



On the Camper Records
Release Date
April 5th, 2019
EU except DE


1. Forget
2. Are You Ok?
3. Womanized
4. So What
5. She’s A Dream
6. Psycho Lover
7. Messing With You
8. Walt Deathney
9. Sorry


BRUTAL’: extreme good / extreme bad. #nofilter #noinbetween

One: Forget this is the first track of the album and sometimes things that have been given priority for such a long period are best left behind.

Are You Ok? A question we never ask around enough.

Womanized: this is a very special song, it represents the album marvellously: transformation.

So What: never take it too seriously because it will never take you as seriously.

She’s A Dream: there’s nothing as mysterious or flattering as a gallant flirt.

Psycho Lover: it’s awesome to fall in love, it’s horrific to loose love, both are equally dangerous yet everything in between is simply boring.

Messing With You: crazy is the key, look into it – you’ll find yourself.

Walt Deathney: craving for that happy ending.

Nine: Sorry: this is the last track of the album serving closure, what better word to call upon the end?

Barbara Lehnhoff artistically know as Camilla Sparksss is a Swiss Canadian singer, songwriter, musician and visual artist. She was born at -27 degrees on December 17th 1983 in Kenora, a small town on the Great Lakes of Northwestern Ontario, Canada. Yes, she had a pet bear as a child and yes her father flew a float plane. Following “For You The Wild” (released in 2014), BRUTAL’ is her second album to come April 5th 2019 for On The Camper records. An instinctive mixture of experimental, lo-fi electronic pop, and melodic collages of a wide range of genre styles, performed with turntables, fat synthesisers and cutting vocals. In 2016 she was nominated for the Swiss Music Prize with her post punk band Peter Kernel.