Gilles Poizat
Champignon Flamme



Carton Records
Release Date
February 12, 2021


1. Galet Dérivant
2. Traversée De La Table
3. Amont Des Chûtes
4. Cérémonie De La Brume
5. Visite Non Guidée
6. Lignes De Fuite


Gille Poizat

Carton Records


Gilles Poizat (trumpet & modular synth), is a musician and songwriter born in 1967 in Lyon. After classical trumpet studies and a PhD in ecology, he led a double life between scientific research and musical experiences. Among striking meetings in Arles, Lyon and Conakry, Mazalda triggered his plunge into music. The power of bands makes him move intensely. The solo opens new fields he visits as a novice. He begins to sing, to write, finds again his teenage guitar, discovers elementary electronics, and relearns trumpet every day. Always attracted by new vivid experiences, he draws his own path and delivers atypical albums: Micro-vertige et l’expérience du flottement, Rev Galen (with Catherine Hershey), Horse in the house, Champignon flamme.

Nowadays, he is preparing a new solo set of songs, plays with Spat’Sonore, with Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp and composes music for “La séance” – a choreographic piece by Benjamin Coyle.

This music of Champignon flamme was originally recorded from fall 2018 to spring 2019 as preliminary research for “La séance“, a choreographic piece by Benjamin Coyle (Cie Kopfkino) which finally focussed on songwriting. Then, this instrumental material, trumpet and electronics, became an autonomous album. It questions the invisible, intimate rituals and personal relationships with our dead.

Each track starts from a peculiar electronic set-up which reacts and uses the sound of the trumpet lively to generate sounds from electronic treatements and analogue synthesis. Sounds emitted by the set-up roll and modulate over time in a more or less random way. Trumpet playing is improvised in this unpredictable and interactive soundscape. Sometimes from the trumpet only remains its imprint. All electronic sounds are played live, no overdubs, except in the last track, Lignes de fuite.

This new album from Gilles Poizat comes after albums of songs in solo (Micro-vertige et l’expérience du flottement, Horse in the house) and duo with Catherine Hershey (Rev Galen), and after a long-term collaboration with Mazalda. Champignon flamme is his first instrumental solo album. He reconnects here with his first instrument, the trumpet, meanwhile augmenting it with a new one, the modular synthetizer.

Champignon flamme will be released on February 12, 2021 via Carton Records.