Walk Swim Fly



Self Released
Release Date
September 24, 2021


1. Doing It Wrong
2. Welcome Back To Sunny Ghost City
3. True Detective
4. Bitcoin Billionaire
5. West Coast




Colver is very fond of mallard ducks – better known by his admirers as Anas Platyrhynchos – and that is no secret. That these four lads live and breathe indie rock is now also certain. The Belgian-based band is the latest newcomer to the big “Belpop” family, and has that elusive but spicy ingredient in common with other Belgian bands like Balthazar, Absynthe Minded and Girls in Hawaii.

With the EP ‘Walk Swim Fly‘, the Brussels quartet lives up to its promises with five catchy tracks. But where most indie bands opt for a decidedly lo-fi rendering, Colver stands out with his refined sounds. The synths – straight out of a John Carpenter film – give depth to the whole and form a lush backdrop in the sultry ‘Bitcoin Billionaire’, a track that denounces the greed and vices of a deeply troubled era. Elsewhere, the track ‘True Detective‘ plays with the codes of successful crime series in a psychedelic trip, accompanied by a hip-hop beat. Furthermore, the electronic percussions bring an unmistakable wind of freshness to ‘Welcome Back To Sunny Ghost City‘, a track that in its finale flirts with the spirit of a rave party: a trance to better scream out the despair of a city that has been stripped of its substance.

Colver are an emerging name in the French-speaking Belgian scene and have already found their way to the north of the country. Their ultra-catchy and super-funky first single ‘Thinking Out Loud‘, produced by Greg Remy (Ghinzu), caught the attention of various media and even became the theme song for the Flemish TV programme ‘Ik Vertrek‘ (VTM), which attracts over 375,000 viewers.

With ‘Walk Swim Fly‘, Colver shows, just like on their first EP, their very colourful plumage, with which the band should be able to climb the stages, at home and abroad.