Tim Holehouse



Aaahh!!! Real Records
Release Date
November 15 2019


1. Numbers Game
2. Aveiro
3. One Day at a Time
4. Sleep
5. Prince of the Palace
6. 24 Hours
7. (I’m Not) Icarus
8. Placid Lake
9. London


Making a real departure from Tim Holehouse‘s normal material of mutant delta blues to a more alternative country feeling album.

Recorded with a string trio, pedal steel guitar and various instruments at Silent City Studio with Robert Hobson – who is known for producing more harsh albums including those of black metal band A Forest Of Stars (who two members appear on this record) – over August 2017. It’s a real departure and adventure into new sonic territories for all parties involved. The album was written over a 5 year period. Initial demos started when writing previous albums Odd/Even and Hail, and were then sculpted – as well as saving to record the album as intended – over the next 5 years or so with arrangements and further demos. It was a real labour of love to make this album as perfect as possible, maybe a little look back to earlier album From The Dawn Chorus to make sure it was not rushed. Patience paid off.

Drawing comparisons from those who have heard the play in early play backs to The National, Leonard Cohen, Smog, Lambchop, Bonnie Prince Billy (who the song Prince of the Palace is tribute to) and, perhaps rather unusually, Tony Bennett. Almost narrated stories unravel through string-laden and various sounding pieces.

All released on Cambridge’s amazing Aaahh!!! Real Records again, on gatefold CD, download and special edition orange sunrise vinyl.

Come was recorded for two weeks start of August 2017 by Tim Holehouse and Robert Hobson. Tim lived in the studio, sleeping on the studio’s couch or floor when his brain would allow him to sleep. The album features Katie Stone (violin and backing vocals) and Rick Blakelock (drums) from A Forest Of Stars, Tim Loud (double bass) from Bootscraper and also a former solo touring tour mate, Kieran O’Malley from Spirit Of John and various bands who need a virtuoso violin player, Florence Fawcette who provided some lovely cello lines, James William Boston who played some wonderful piano on it, and last but not least the amazing Benjamin William Pike who provided pedal steel guitar.

About Tim Holehouse
Born in Dorchester and raised in Portsmouth. Having graduated from the University of Plymouth with an honours degree in music (despite not actually being able to read score) Tim has spent the last 13 years pretty much full time on the road playing 250-300 shows a year touring not only in Europe but all round the world. Drawing inspiration from many sources and styles of music, and never liking to be type cast.