Self Titled



Noja Recordings

Release Date
March 22 2019


1. A Patched Love
2. I Am A Wonderful Mechanism
3. It Rains On My Soul
4. I Will Walk The Red Carpet
5. The Stone Is Radiant
6. Electric Silence
7. Plug
8. The Night Of The Living Dead
9. I Don’t Really Have To Wake Up
10. My Heart Beats Calmly
11. End


Daydream is a rock trio from south east Sicily, leaded by Enzo Pepi, former member of Twig infection, The Pepiband and guitarist for a couple of albums of the singer/songwriter Carmelo Amenta. Daydream self titled debut album will be release on March 22, 2019 via Noja Recordings.

Sometimes you have to choose the path that doesn’t take you anywhere / Climb the mountain even knowing that you can’t reach the summit / You can’t ask me not to watch the moon just because I can’t have it… I’m a wonderful defective mechanism / I’m only human… I’ll become a star / I’ll sign autographs / I will walk the red carpet… I ride this dream and watch the world from an incredible altitude / Here the world doesn’t touch me… I’m light. / My gaze is indifferent, my heart beats calmly / Only my flying… I open my eyes, it’s nice to know that I don’t really have to wake up / I lay my head on the pillow / You know, this is my moment of glory… My daydream

Music and lyrics by Enzo Pepi.
Recorded live at Arsonica, Siracusa (February 2018)
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Carlo Barbagallo for Noja Recordings.

Daydreamers (musicians):
Enzo Pepi – Guitars, Voices
Dalila Mammana – Bass Guitar
Stefania Papa – Drums

Art Direction – Elaine Carmen Bonsangue [E<->CB]
Photos – Misa Huang Cong Hui
Management – Noja Recordings

Daydreamers (models):
Andrea Marazzi, Deborah Zuanazzi, Cristiana Timofei