De Marion
Down The Road Of Mainstream I Saw You, Canzone



Noja Recordings

Release Date
October 25 2019


1. Frown
2. God Put A Blind Flange In His Path
3. Sun Distorted You
4. Sburramento Fulmineo In La Minore
5. Danny Boy
6. Matthew
7. Spoon
8. Grains
9. Gibbous
10. Gangbang Disco White
11. Wasted Time With Nonchalance


De Marion is the the moniker of Dario Serra, Suzanne’Silver guitarist.

Shy bedroom-songwriter in love with Barrett and disillusioned player of homemade sinister lo-fi folk blues melodies, De Marion doesn’t hide his love for fuzzes, useless samples and performance errors.

Hailing from Siracusa (South Italy or North Africa) De Marion recorded a lot of solo stuff since his youth but released only two albums: “De Marion” (2005) and “My Kingdom For A Couch” (2008) with Noja Recordings, the fake label of his Suzanne’s bandmate Carlo Barbagallo.

In the last ten years the project has evolved thanks to several collaborations to the current lineup formed by Dario (voice, guitar, sampler) and Danilo Garro from the band Mashrooms (drums, synths and high / low glycemic).

Recorded between 2013 and 2018 all around my town (Arsonica, BTG, Second Floor).
Mixed by De Marion at Second Floor except for “Gibbous” mixed by Barbagallo at Radion.
Mastered by Carlo Barbagallo for Noja Recordings

All instruments by De Marion except for:
— Drums on “God Put A …’’ by Mauro Felice.
— Treble emo guitar on “God Put A …” by Carlo Barbagallo.
— Drums on “Sburramento Fulmineo…” and “Gibbous” by Swingy Pirlo.
— Drums on “Danny boy” by Roberto Cappellani.

Mastered by Carlo Barbagallo for Noja Recordings