Self Titled



Honest House
Release Date
November 5, 2021


1. Hearts as clocks
2. At large
3. Echolocation
4. Ultimate
5. A house is a corridor
6. The sequence of facts
7. Parallax
8. Estaticos
9. The sound of victory
10. Lighthouses


Delwood, two bass guitars serving genuine compositions and unique sounds

Formed in 2019 around Greg and Ju D’s two intertwined bass guitars, Delwood releases a 10-track debut LP in which the listeners will embark on a cinematic voyage where organic and electronic components merge. At times fragile, at others outrageously explosive, their unique visual universe is crafted to a great extent by keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist Vince O, who tinges the whole project with a sublimely surrealistic touch likely to evoke truckloads of images and reveries. Rhythmwise, drummer Alex B. gallops behind his set creating patterns drawing as much on contemporary jazz as on math-rock time signatures. Undoubtedly, their music will remind you of Dead Man Ray, Tortoise, Do Make Say Think, Archive, From Monument to Masses or Motorpsycho.

For this first album the band resorted to the talents of mixer John Roo (Koko studio // It It Anita) and producer Boris Gronemberger (River into Lake, Castus, ex Girls in Hawaï… ). For the recording team to be complete, the band summoned amazing saxophonist Clément Dechambre (The Brums) and oversensitive Damien Chierici on the violin (Dan San,The Feather). This combination of people pressing strings, hitting keys, turning knobs, blowing and sweating, yelling and whispering eventually led to a one-of-a-kind piece of music, released by long-time indie rock label Honest House (Mambo, Frank Shinobi, Taïfun, Benoît Lizen, It It Anita).

Listening to these 10 songs will likely make you travel towards the edge of yourself. When there, relax and enjoy the view!