What is Pop Music Anyway?



À Tant Rêver du Roi
Release Date
April 29, 2022


1. My Shangri-Laaa
2. Clink and cluster
3. Voilà now you’re old
4. The pretty one
5. Make it in the morning (shake it in the night!)
6. Satellite
7. Bricks
8. Taiwan, Ireland and Japan
9. Replay
10. Burning desire
11. Everybody wants one now


Dewaere is a French noise punk band (Saint-Brieuc, Brittany) formed in 2017. Fronted by the amazing Maxwell Farrington (vocals), Julien Henry (guitar), Marc Aumont (bass guitar) and Franck Richard (drums), they recorded their debut album Slot Logic in the summer of 2018. It was then released by Phantom Records (Germany) and Bigoût Records (France).

Imagine you have to strut away the last hours of your pathetic life along a swimming-pool left miraculously intact amidst rubble all around: then Dewaere’s Slot Logic surely is just the perfect soundtrack you need in this near-death experience.

With their incisive guitars and MG-42 style drum section, let the sick noisey hits shake your bones to the core and experience what it feels like when you throw your very first hand grenade, heart thudding, ready for battle. After touring in clubs, squats and festivals, the band focused on writing their second album in 2020. Their aim was to provide Slot Logic a logical follow-up : as orgasmic but also with a deeper melodic strength. What is pop music anyway? will be released in the spring of 2022 via À Tant Rêver du Roi Records introducing Franck Richard as the new drummer. Written with the insane urge to combine pyramids of bright harmonies with heaps of noisy metal scraps, their second album heralds scalding live sessions, love brawls, pop embraces and plain punk hysteria.

For their second album, Dewaere radically changed the tactics they had had when they composed Slot Logic. On their debut album, the band had opted for feral writing through collective repetitions : riff was paramount, hence the raw and explosive aspect of all tracks. Voice parts would then join in. The result was a debut album which was 100% immediate pure punk ecstasy.

What is pop music anyway? took a decisive turn when the band focused on songwriting, sifting carefully through the fifty-odd demos and bits of pop-influenced songs written mainly by Maxwell Farrington himself. These scraps have formed the backbone of a new album bearing the double seal of blind-instinct harmonies and structures which are more melody-oriented.

The band had to select the very best from these rough gems: 11 tracks they shaped and prepared « à la Dewaere », infusing them with sharp guitars and under control fierceness. Dewaere’s personal touch, which contributed to the success of Slot Logic, is as present as ever : rock drums pushed to the limits, T-34 sound-like bass and acid-washed six-string noise leads.

As the old saying goes : « There is no rest for the wicked ».

What you get is a record which is jam-packed with hits and choruses you will sing at the top of your voice as you start a fight at your local swingers club, as these lads seem to revel in blurring the lines by multiplying arrangements in the shapes of roller-coasters, faking laid-back pop attitude before losing their marbles in a frenzy of noise and grunge electric pandemonium the next minute.

As they had done previously on Slot Logic, Dewaere trusted their drum recording to Alex Le Clec’h. The rest of the recording-process and mixing was done in their home studio.