boy man machine+



Computer Students

Release Date
October 18 2019


boy man machine remastered
1. the unraveling
2. an idol
3. a loss
4. numerical control
5. mechanism is lord
6. a clay mind
7. the man
8. a change
9. heat and patience
10. his reflection

New tracks
11. mine
12. a room
13. the tapping

a voice 7″ remastered
14. a voice
15. my face
16. a cry
17. knuckle



Drose is an experimental rock band from Columbus, Ohio, featuring the songwriting and voice of Dustin Rose. Their fevered, nihilistic new release, boy man machine+, combines their 2016 album of the same name with their debut 7”, “a voice”, and an assemblage of unreleased tracks — all freshly remastered by veteran engineer Carl Saff.

Dustin Rose calls boy man machine+ “an indictment of human consciousness.” The music explores the torments of sentience through the sound of machines across four uncom- promising sides of vinyl, featuring slashing lines from guitarist Gregory Packet and bizarre drum patterns from John Mengerink. The results are harsh, bewildering and strangely beautiful.

boy man machine+ will be out on October 18 2019 via Computer Students. It will be the first under their new Anatomical Reissues Series, which reissues albums with highly conceptual design, presentation and packaging.

This album was written and recorded during the design and construction of a race car at the Center for Automotive Research in Columbus, Ohio, USA. The facility was home to constant manufacturing activity and cavernous ambient spaces where the machines, instruments and vocals were recorded.

The main studio for live instruments and vocals was underneath a sectioned steel floor in a heavy-duty chassis dynamometer facility. Accessing the under side of the floor required a forklift to move one of the floor sections. This confined space was affectionately referred to as “the hole.” The album also showcases CNC mills and lathes, robotic welding, pneumatics and other mechanical sonic sources to represent the voice of the machine.


Packaging Front. (2xLP)

Packaging Front. (CD)