Hermetic Delight



October Tone Records
Release Date
May 22 2020
UK, Germany, Italy, CH, Spain


1. Glassdancers
2. Rockstarları
3. Rockstarları (continued)
4. These Quantic Feelings
5. Le Parfum de la Nuit
6. Holy Sister (2020)
7. A Void
8. Unravel
9. Common Love Square
10. How High Is Your High?


At the end of the 2000s, there lived four musicians in Strasbourg who were wondering how to name their band. They were fond of Siouxsie & The Banshees, Bauhaus, Depeche Mode, the Pixies, the Cure, Wire or Sonic Youth, but all those names were already taken. So they decided to call themselves Hermetic Delight. A name that clicks under the tongue and melts in the mouth, not unlike their own music, between post punk violence and melodic loops, more delicious than hermetic.

F.A. Cult is their first album after ten years of existence, three EPs and countless concerts. And if they took their time, it is precisely because there is no such thing as time. Nicolas Kientzler aka Bob, the bass player, explains as follows: when he started listening to records, the very notions of past and present meant nothing to him. He was just listening to music, whether the band still exists or not, whether it was recorded in 1979, 2009 or be it the music of tomorrow. And Bob is right. This is how Hermetic Delight approaches and transfigures music in F.A. Cult. Not as an antique repertoire to be reproduced in old outfits, but as a matrix in which the band jacks their own energy, here and now.

What strikes first with Hermetic Delight, is the drummer Delphine Padilla, who hammers her instrument in an unrelenting blend of strength and precision. What strikes next is the voice of the singer Zeynep Kaya. Originally from Ankara in Turkey, Zeynep Kaya perfected her skills in the basements of feminist indie rock. Then she settled in Strasbourg in order to focus more on lyrical singing and joined Hermetic Delight. Her trilingual singing (English, French and Turkish) moves through the music as a bird would cut through charged clouds. Atef Aouadhi, who is handling composition and guitar on the stage, creates this kaleidoscopic nebula of sounds in motion. Until F.A. Cult, Hermetic Delight had a reputation for being a rather dark band. It’s always night in the city, both modern and ancient at a time, very much like Strasbourg that the band roams, walking under the street lights. This record should be experienced as a nocturnal and urban wandering, whose grey areas could have been designed by David Lynch. But there needs to be light, white and staggering, like an avalanche sweeping the songs away. Such is the pop slope of the band, masters on the subject.

Hermetic Delight recorded F.A. Cult with Charles Rowell from Crocodiles on production (Atef Aouadhi is bass player with Crocodiles) and under Anna Calvi’s guidance. In its early stages, the band evolved alone in Strasbourg, due to a lack of music scene. Then it found its audience, and eventually a musical family with its image, international and passionate. Now well supported, Hermetic Delight reinvents its music as a blend of darkness and brightness, now begging comparisons with Cocteau Twins, Chromatics, My Bloody Valentine or Goldfrapp. It is still magic, and it is white magic.

Zeynep Kaya — Vocals
Nicolas Kientzler — Bass
Atef Aouadhi — Guitars
Delphine Padilla — Drums