La Jungle
Fall Off The Apex



À tant Rêver du Roi/Black Basset/Rockerill
Release Date
May 21, 2020


1. Aluminum River
2. Le Jour Du Cobra
3. Du Sang Du Singe
4. Hyperitual
5. Marimba
6. Feu L’homme
7. Interloud
8. The End The Score


La Jungle

À Tant Rêver Du Roi

Black Basset Records

Rockerill Records


While definitely a child of noise rock, La Jungle takes bits-and-bobs from the whole music spectrum and loop them live with the aim to create compulsive and repetitive sequences. Hypnotic, spontaneous and willingly throbbing, sometimes bordering on an endless groove, their music may even include brief oriental doom pulses or metal diversions bang in the middle of some kraut rock epic trip.

Following three albums, several split singles, a double live album and a triple release of remixes, Belgian duo La Jungle will release Fall Off The Apex on May 21, 2021 on A Tant Rêver du Roi, Black Basset Records and Rockerill Records.

This 4th album was recorded in March 2020 in a green and idyllic setting in Honfleur, France. The record, made up of five new tracks and three interludes, saw the band returning to the studio after some time spent working on handcrafted releases: the previous two records were recorded in either a living room or a cinema in the Hainaut region of Belgium.

This time, Mathieu and Rémy have entrusted the album to their friend Hugo-Alexandre Pernot, a sound engineer and producer previously active at Studio Davout in Paris. Together, they have tried to forge ahead the precious recipe that the band has been using for its compositions since 2013: furious loops, a Casio keyboard and crazy onomatopoeias engulfing a nervous guitar/dru- ms duo.

After the vision of a present anchored in the Middle Ages that the previous album depicted, La Jungle continues to transcribe its feelings of current society. The one guided by the need to always have more and which rushes headlong, even if it means crushing everyone. A society with blinders… Fall Off The Apex crystallizes this climax that the world might have crossed without even realizing it. What is the prospect for us once we reach the top? To enjoy the view? The recession, the decline? The return to simpler values or very simply the fall…

With this new album, La Jungle delivers more ultra-repetitive ceaseless tracks (Le Jour du Cobra, The End The Score) and, as usual, intersperse them with hints of noise rock to be played out loud (Du Sang Du Singe, Feu L’Homme).