Timothée Quost
Flatten the curve



Carton Records
Release Date
October 9, 2021


1. Hudi Kot
2. Pohorje
3. paysage avec cloches
4. Mignon
5. de l’évolution
6. Lame
7. le monde vivant
8. Seck Gorgui
9. Mme Angot
10. Divine
11. Un air du temps


Timothée Quost

Carton Records


Following the lead of his previous album “Before Zero Crossing” (Gotta Let It Out, 2018), trumpeter and composer Timothée Quost returns with a new album combining “documentary” sound editing and instrumental compositions.

Flatten the curve” (Carton Records) proposes to give the floor to “our elders” while putting their words in resonance with five musical pieces composed over the past five years.

To carry out this project, a team is formed with Léo Margue (conductor and artistic director), Julien Podolak and Paul Alkhallaf (sound recording, mixing and artistic direction). Pierre Juillard, botanist, sound engineer and electronic music composer will take care of the sound edition by including the words of our elders.

It was in 2020, when the idea of recording some of his compositions was born, that Timothée Quost began a series of interviews with elderly people during an immersion in a retirement institute.

For the composer, the goal is to meet a segment of the population, which is no longer sufficiently present in everyday life and to give them, through the production of a record, an expression area, to make their voices heard.

Our elders speak, comment, tell about their lives as much as they tell us about ours. They benefit from a distance, a distance and a relation to time that only age seems to allow. They deliver to us, at the turn of innocuous sentences, treasures of their lives, end of sentence or empty words thrown to no-one ears: a back to basics.

Their words, sometimes light, sometimes serious, punctuate, introduce and highlight the “written” music of Timothée Quost: a chamber music piece composed during a solitary retreat in Slovenia, a piece for large ensemble, mixing strings, winds, electric guitar, electronics and percussion and three short pieces written for the LIKΣN ensemble.