Sombre Crame



Release Date
October 14, 2022


1. Crame 1
2. Crame 2
3. Crame 3
4. Crame 4



St Ouen. Almost Paris, but not quite. Less pressure, more freedom. A place where you « don’t give a damn ». The place where Ghoster was born : within just a few hours in Greg’s studio, “Fête 0” (Party Zero) emerges. 2 years laters, the track is synched in a Chanel N°5 campaign. Against all logic.

Now St Ouen has become Ben’s home aswell. St Ouen offering a lightness and a much needed « giving in », as Ben and Greg don’t get to chill in their daily lives : they work their ass off on 36 projects simultaneously. Their encounter was bound to happen, after many years of bumping into each other late at night.

Their collaboration kicks off with an unexpected success : together they create the sound signature for Citroën, winning against many more famous producers. Having so much fun together, Ben teaches Greg how to welcome improvisation, and how to party. And Greg teaches Ben how to make HUGE bass sounds.

Ghoster was born in a party. Actually no, in 74 parties. The kind of party where time slips away too fast, where nothing exists between 10 PM and 5AM. The kind of party you want to re-act over and over. Ben and Greg aren’t too fond of party endings. And they like when the sound gets « hard », because they miss hitting the drums with a rock band. So when they find themselves turning the knobs to make techno, it’s not really techno. It’s more about the legacy of their forgotten indie-rock dreams, minus the boredom and the toxic ambitions. They kept the big distorted bass though. When Ghoster improvises with machines, they only keep the accidents, to polish the unexpected. Creating the conditions of a good party, and letting it go wild.

Upon their first EP release in 2019, Ghoster wanted to be ano- nymous. By fear of letting their own personalities get in the way maybe ?… who gives a shit. Ghoster lives for the shows, the mess, the moment, the surprises. The tracks of “Sombre Crame” where marked by the duo’s first shows, and they kept the best of it. When Ghoster gets on stage, genres become irrelevant. Only one question remains : party? One answer : party.